Dazzleaf - DKEii Battery - 650mAh

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The Dazzleaf DKEii Battery brings one of the most popular cartridge battery designs back to the market.  With it's rotary pop-up design, this car fob shaped device is great for discretion.  It also features draw activation, a LED indicator light, and an advanced chipset that offers various protections.


Dazzleaf - DKEii Battery - 650mAh Features: 

Memory Function
Preheating Function
Variable Voltage
Battery & Charging Indicator Lights
Short Circuit Protection
Overheating Protection
Overcharging Protection
USB Charging Adapter

Dazzleaf - DKEii Battery - 650mAh Includes:

(1) Dazzleaf - DKEii Battery - 650mAh Device
(1) Micro USB Charging Cable
(1) User Manual

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