Efest - 4 Cell 18650 Battery Hard Case

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The 4 Cell 18650 Battery Hard Case, is a translucent plastic hard case perfect for carrying up to four (4) 18650 batteries. This battery case is built from durable polypropylene plastic and is built to withstand accidental drops to protect your batteries when traveling. It features a dependable snap-lock to securely close the case and ensure your batteries are kept safe even when they are thrown among the items you carry with you daily.

The 4 Cell 18650 Battery Hard Case is not only convenient for storage, but it can also prevent your batteries from coming into contact with loose metallic items in your bag or pockets such as keys, coins and other objects which could potentially cause unsafe and sudden discharge.

Built from sturdy & durable polypropylene plastic (PP)
Color: Translucent
Features a metal hook for easy storage
Made to withstand accidental drops

Holds up to four (4) 18650 Batteries
Dimensions: 84mm x 74mm x23mm
Weight: 32g (no batteries)
**Batteries sold separately

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