10 Things Only Vapers Will Understand


After making the switch and becoming a vaper, you'll start to encounter certain situations called #vaperproblems that you normally wouldn't consider an issue.

A broken cartomizer, accidentally picking your ecig up by the TubeTank or experiencing a dry hit for the first time is no big deal at all unless you're a vaper. There are some things that only vapers will understand.


"Why do you have so many colors, mods and batteries?"

Notice anything different about your ecigarette collection since you started vaping? Yes, all those batteries & eliquid bottles tucked away on your work desk. You've probably heard this a thousand times. But being the vaper you are, you'll always have to explain the need for a different device for every situation. Who cares if they say your collection is getting to big. Kick back and blow some clouds, they'll soon understand. 



A well-dressed ecigarette really says something about a vaper. On the constant quest to find that perfect drip tip or matching color. Can your tobacco cigarettes do that? Didn't think so. Check out all of our different styles of Drip Tips to get your obession started.


Ok, let's get serious. Chances are you may have more flavors of eliquid than spices in your kitchen. If you do, congrats. You're a true vaper. Lucky for your, most eliquid has a shelf life of about 1 year so you'll be able to enjoy every last drop of each bottle. Unless you keep adding more. 

With so many different flavors out there, you can't just have one! An eliquid collection is necessary to add variety to your everyday vapes. For great eliquid mixture ideas, read our eLiquid Mixes blog.



Just like trends in the tech industry, ecigarette trends change more often that you think. Keeping up with the latest electronic cigarette trends ensure that we have the most up to date and best performing product out there. Innovation is what makes the vape community so strong. The next best thing is always just around the corner.



So you're at a party, and set your ecigarette standing up on the counter. Next thing you know, your ecig goes flying and slams on the hardwood floor. In shock, you scream - "No!". Awkward moment, it's just an ecig right? 

Wrong! It's YOUR ecig. You almost want to call 9-1-1, stomach in a knot type of feeling that will only go away if your device is okay. Certainly a situation only a fellow vaper would understand. For tips on how to take proper care of your batteries, read our blog eCig Battery Care.


"Excuse me, there is no smoking here."

How many sales pitches have you had to give when using your ecig in public. Although there has been many restrictions lately on the usage of ecigarettes in public, you still enjoy the freedom to use your device in other areas where tobacco cigarettes would not be accepted without bothering those around you. 

So keep on giving the pitch, no smoke, no tar, no ash. Perhaps one day soon, there will be no misconception. Let's see what they say when you whip out a blue LAVATUBE v2.5. Surely they can't think it's a cigarette.



No matter what your preferred heating element is, a dead atomizer is worse than a dead cell phone battery. This will either be a bummer or a nightmare depending on the situation. If you'll be home or near a vape shop soon, you're good. If you're on a 8 hour road trip to see your in-laws, this is a critical situation.

Always be prepared and be sure to have extra Refill Cartomizers (for use with the TubeTank).



You reach in your pocket, and pull out your ecigarette. Upon your activation and draw - there is no vapor! WHAT! "Oh yea, my battery is dead." Admit it, we're all guilty of trying to take a pull off a dead battery. The flashing light, lack of vapor production or no vapor at all are results of a dying or dead battery. Bad news for the vaper who forgot their back-up ecig battery and doesn't have a charger with them.

Always be sure to have an extra fully charged battery with you just in case! 



"OMG, where's my e-cig?"  That same feeling you get when you lose your phone is the same when a vaper loses their electronic cigarette. They go into detective mode and immediately start retracing their steps, making calls and tracking down their ecig until it is safe in their hands again.

To keep your ecig safe and close to you always, check out our LAVATUBE Lanyard and INFERNO Lanyards.


10.  Your "Just in Case" Bag.

Learning the hard way, we now know that you never know when you will need an extra cartomizer, battery, coil or eliquid refill for your ecigarette.  A prepared vaper is a happy vaper. What started out as a small case has now turned into a fishing tackle box of accessories, mods, & eliquid. 

For some "Just in Case Bag" options, check out our LAVATUBE Carrying Case and INFERNO Carrying Case.