10 Things That Vapers Don't Like About Vaping

10 Things About Vaping That Are Annoying


The struggle is real folks—there are some things about vaping that just really suck. But in truth, are worth the hassle and annoyance all because you are no longer puffing on combustible tobacco cigarettes and in the end no matter how annoying it could be, it is all worth it in the end because of the benefits that come with having switched to vaping.

So take a look at ten irritating things that come with making the switch.


The Dry Hits.


Especially the unexpected ones. The ones that sneak up on you when your doing your thing vaping away and then suddenly BAM you take a full mouth to lung inhale and its like you took a sucker punch.


E-liquid. All. Over. The. Place.


You get it on your fingers, and then suddenly it’s everywhere. Kind of like this:


Seriously, you take off the cap of your RDA so you can drip a little more of that oh, so delicious Diamond Head e-juice, pop it back on to take another pull and suddenly you feel that filmy, slightly sticky feeling of e-liquid on your fingertips.

You grab a napkin (the vaper’s best friend) to wipe your fingers, for you to then realize that a few droplets have condensed on the outside of your RDA. You wipe it off and then finally take a pull and you then feel just the slightest bit on your drip tip, you grab another napkin and wipe it off.

Then you pick up your phone to check the time and suddenly you realize there’s a smudge of it on your screen, then it’s made its way to your other hand, it’s on your desk, armrest, your leg, wallet and keys. It is an endless cycle.

Accidental Acupuncture


Definitely not a nice surprise.


If you have a penchant for rebuilding coils, it surely happens to you at least once every time you need to rebuild your coils. You’re sitting there happily wrapping some 26 gauge kanthal around your 1/8 drill bit and suddenly your breath hitches due to the fact that you accidentally stabbed your pointer finger with the business end of your Kanthal wire—again.

It’s pretty unavoidable, even if you use a Coiler Jig that makes wrapping coils virtually fool proof, just based on statistics alone, if you rebuild often you will prick yourself with resistance wire at least once during your rebuilding session.

The Dry Mouth


Both PG and VG are two very thirsty substances—so much so that they are known humectants due to their hydrophilic nature—that means they like water and like to hold it in. When you vape, it is a given that your mouth will feel a little dry.


Waiting for Vapemail to Arrive.


So how many times did you hit refresh on the tracking for your vapemail in the past hour? We bet it was a lot. Doesn’t time just seem to stop after you hit submit on your order? You try to block it out, maybe go for a walk, watch a little TV or even try to finish up on some work—but it’s there at that back of your mind.

“Why is my vapemail not here yet?!”

So while you wait like the rest of us, hitting that refresh button on the web page with mach speed, here’s a nice song to keep you company with from Vapian, a fellow vaper who knows what it feels like to wait on vapemail.


Vapin’ Mailman Blues by Vapian


Rebuilding Coils


Some vapers enjoy the peace and solitude that comes with rebuilding their custom coils while to some it just a necessary evil. As it happens that eventually you need to rebuild or at least change out your wick in order to avoid having a nightmarish looking coil build like the ones here.

So it is definitely a necessity especially if you vape often and you enjoy sugary e-liquids, your coils are going to need to be changed out—eventually. But the process can get a little tiresome; especially when you’ve had a long day at work and all you want to do is sit back with your device and vape your stresses away.

Having to remove your old build, grabbing some wire, twisting it around a bit, checking ohms, dry firing, wicking, checking ohms again, popping it onto your mod, priming and then finally the payoff—taking a nice long drag. 

It has a lot of steps that sometimes you just aren’t in the mood for, luckily the vape gods have shined down on us in the form of prebuilt coils, for the days when all you have in you is to twist on a coil, fill a tank, prime and vape! 

When the Vaper’s Tongue Hits You.


You’re enjoying yourself walking around an e-cig convention sampling new e-liquid left and right. So many new e-liquid flavors from so many different vendors, and then suddenly it hits you that you can’t seem to taste the Diamond Head e-liquid from the VOLCANO booth. They told you it’s supposed to taste like a popular drink from Hawaii, a mixture of candied guava, passion fruit and juicy oranges. But nothing, you taste nothing! 

Guess what, it finally happened to you—Vaper’s Tongue, it hit you bad. When it happens, you can’t taste a thing and you can’t do anything but wait for it to pass. Read more on what you can do to prevent this ailment from plaguing you ever again.



Leaky Atomizers.


Yes. Sometimes it’s this bad.


You swear you tightened your tank enough after you did a quick refill or maybe you over-dripped just a bit too much, either way there is a wet spot of e-liquid on your lap.

Bright side? Doesn’t your car smell a lot nicer now though?

Battery life is never long enough.


The introduction of lithium ion batteries into the vape world were another gracious gift from the vape gods because of their portability, lighter weight and high drain capabilities—but it’s the 21st century, shouldn’t we have something, well a little better?

If you are the type of vaper that vapes all day long, to you, no battery seems to last that long and although you do now, it would be nice if one day you didn't have to carry around a bunch of spare 18650s all the time.

So here comes the LiPo battery packed into devices like the LAVABOX DNA 200, spillage from the RC hobby world, a super-light battery that is high drain capable and packs a ton of power (although this would depend on your settings) that could last you over a day’s worth of vaping.

The need to have everything. All the new hardware. The e-liquids. EVERYTHING.


In any hobby world where there are many types of equipment available that enhance your love for your hobby, there is a term for this type of ailment—it is referred to as GAS, or the Gear Acquisition Syndrome. And it applies to vaping as much as it does to musicians, techies, photographers and their gear.  Especially if your habit has turned into a hobby, rather than just an effective way for you to make the switch.

You found a great new cereal e-liquid and realized it’s part of a collection—this one was so good, you know you need to get the others to try them. Your RTA has three bored adjustable air holes that gives you pretty good airflow, but then you find that there is a version two of your tank that has a drip tip that also has adjustable airflow—you know you need some of that.

Your little Subox has served you well for a while churning out some satisfying clouds and you think; yes you like your little box. But then you hear about the LAVABOX that has DNA 200 temp control built in and software that allows you to really hone in on that perfect vape—and that’s when you find yourself planning out your next paycheck to see when you can get this new device.

There will always be something new that you need to have as soon as it is released and the truth is it is endless.


So what about you? What bothers you when it comes to vaping?