15 Differences Between a Newbie Vaper & a Veteran Vaper

There are many differences between someone who is new to vaping (Newbie) versus someone who is experienced (Veteran Vaper).

For example, someone who is inexperienced with vaping will always start out with little to no knowledge of how ecigarettes work.

Whereas an experienced vaper will be able to tell you why they chose the LAVATUBE over the INFERNO and will proudly share with you their settings and the current flavor mixture they are vaping for the day. Read below for some more differences that our awesome VOLCANO staff while working with both Newbies and Vet Vapers.

For the newbies, with some coaching about the maintenance, ease of use, and many other benefits you will get from switching to ecigs--you will be well on your way to becoming a Veteran Vaper soon enough. Because as you become more knowledgeable about vaping you will find the need to enhance your vaping experience by upgrading your device to better satisfy your needs.


Newbie Vaper

Veteran Vaper


A Newbie isn’t used to the vapor compared to smoke. Feels a little harsh & scratchy at first.                                                            

A Veteran Vaper already knows their preferred eliquid concoction and device setting to get their perfect and smooth vape.


Newbies drag ecigs like it is a cigarette, which is too hard for the device. This is because they are used to the motions and visual of smoking.

Veteran Vapers can pull nice and easy to produce a voluminous and satisfying cloud of vapor.


Newbie Vapers who miss the taste of their old cigarette tend to go for tobacco eliquid flavors at first.

Veteran Vapers already know that sweet, succulent, fruity, creamy, and savory flavors are way better than anything their old cigarette used to deliver. Check out our eliquid collection here>


Newbie Vapers usually start with an ecig that looks like a cigarette, which has a limited charge and eliquid capacity.

Veteran Vapers go crazy with their variable voltage, ohms, and watts settings along with their ability to accessorize and personalize their vaping devices.


Newbies will still suffer from cravings and having the feeling that nothing else but a cigarette will do. (But don’t give up!)

Veteran Vapers who were able to stick to the change, would never think of going back to their old cigarette habit ever again.


A Newbie Vaper will one day forget to charge their battery and have to wait for it to charge before vaping.

Veteran Vapers know to have back-ups for their back-ups.


Newbies will be full of questions, what is PG/VG, what does this button do…etc

Newbies will be full of questions, what is PG/VG, what does this button do…etc


Most Newbie Vapers have no idea what voltage, wattage, ohms are yet alone what it does to their vape.

Veteran Vapers can tell you a whole lot about electricity in general, just because of the necessity of the knowledge in order for them to get their perfect vape. A lot of Vet Vapers actually say that they learned more about electricity from vaping rather than from school.


Newbies only know our devices by name. Learn more about our devices here>

Veteran Vapers can explain what type of contacts are in the devices along with information on how it functions, the type of battery best suited to the device, and much more.


The definition of Resistance to a Newbie Vaper: Noun: 1. The refusal to accept or comply with something; the attempt to prevent something by action or argument.

The definition of Resistance to a Veteran Vaper: Noun: 1. The opposing or hindering force offered by a circuit or component of a circuit to the passage of electrical current through it. (Measured in ohms). Or basically, knowing how many amps you are pulling out of the battery in your device.


Newbie Vapers may fall into vaping bad habits like vaping next to some people without first asking if it is okay.

Veteran Vapers are well practiced with the E-Cigarette Etiquette and rarely run into these social pitfalls.


Heating element, priming, dry burn, eliquids?? WUT?! Newbie Vapers still do not get all of the lingo that comes with the vaping lifestyle. Learn about Vaper’s Lingo here>

Being masters of Vaper’s Lingo, Veteran Vapers know that if they properly prime their new heating element before regular use it will help their heating element last longer and give them much better and thicker hits.


Newbies do not know too much about the battery of their device and how it powers it. Read more about batteries and how they work here>

Veteran Vapers know the exact battery to go with their device, how long each battery lasts, and how many they need for their vape for the day.


Newbies are still getting used to pulling from their ecig to produce a satisfying cloud.

Veteran Vapers proudly show off their vaping skills with tricks they’ve mastered for all to see. Check out their skills here>


Newbie Vapers will always tend to start out with a much higher nicotine strength than necessary for fear of tobacco cigarette cravings.

Veteran Vapers already know the perfect amount of nicotine that suits their needs and will eventually be able to lower their nicotine content.