15 Signs You Should Be Admitted to Vape-a-holics Anonymous


There is nothing wrong with being a Vapeaholic, but read on to find out if you are one. Here are 15 signs that you may need to be admitted to Vapeaholics Anonymous.


Vapor Lounge Dates

Whether you're on a blind date, first date or a 100th date, you'll always make it a point to take your date to your favorite local Vape Shop. Going to your favorite Vape Shops boosts your confidence because that's your home away from home.

Everyone makes you look super cool cause they all know your name and making sure you have an extra bottle of eliquid on your date to make sure that you will not run out mid-date. Especially for first and blind dates, the extra bottle of eliquid is necessary.



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eCig Swag is Better Than Yours

You tend to stress out when you can't find your drip tip that matches perfectly with your new purple INFERNO Starter Kit and have a B.F. when your pimped out lanyard was eaten by your dog.

Although, it's important to have a swagalicious ecigarette device, don't forget to spruce up yourself. Check out our swagalicious drip tips >




eLiquid Bottles Run Your House

A wide variety of eliquid flavors is very necessary when you are a Vape-a-holic. Not only do we enjoy different types of flavors but we also love mixing flavors too. But when your eliquid collection can no longer fit in that tiny desk drawer, you need something more spacious. "Oh, it's okay.

I wasn't going to use this desk for desk-like activities anyways. My eliquid collection looks great on here". Need more eliquid flavors in your collection?  Check out our wide variety of e-liquid >




eCigarette Devices & Vape Supplies > Clothes

Just like all people, vape-a-holics have priorities too. One of our top priorities is, of course, our vape supplies. Being prepared for any and all situations, we tend to stock up on all the necessities such as eliquid, atomizers, cartomizers, extra batteries, spare devices and even tools needed to repair and maintain our beloved ecigarette.

Some may laugh at us and our closet full of Vape Supplies but we'll see who's laughing during the power outage! View all of our accessories to stock up your Vape Supplies closet >




Unrecognizable Without Your eCig

"I love vape. Vapey, vapey, vape. Here is goes out, out of my nose.  Hmmmmmm, hmmmmm, hmmm". Vapeaholics love vaping and everyone knows it.

But do we love it too much? It seems as though people don't recognize us without a huge cloud of vapor in our face or holding one of our many devices. Well, we don't care because we will never be without our ecig.




eCig Binky

After a long day you can't wait to hit the sheets and wind down for the night. But no matter how tired and exhausted you are, you can’t relax without your ecig device right next to your bed.

Nothing like recharging with a good nights rest next to your ecig that is doing the same. To keep your ecig charged throughout the day, check out our USB Car Charger Adapter >




eLiquid Connoisseur

You have developed a precise palette when it comes to vaping and enjoying a meal so much that you have found specific eliquid pairings for specific meals to heighten the experience of all of your meals.

You can never have a piece of apple pie without your Salted Caramel eliquid or your eggs benedict with out your Kona Coffee eliquid. Meals have never been better. Check out our eLiquid Mixes blog for more pairing options >




Must. Refill. Now!

When you are low or have completely run out of eliquid in your heating element, you don't freak out. You're always prepared whether you are out and about running errands or at work in the middle of finishing a project.

Thanks to your 'Just in Case' bag, you are able to stop, refill and roll on about your day regardless of where you are. A prepared vaper is a happy vaper.




Your eCig's Instagram Account

After taking thousands of pictures of you vaping, you with your ecig or just your ecig, regular selfies just don't cut it. Those cool shots of you getting all Top 10 Most Popular Vape Tricks down and chilling with your ecigarette are far more entertaining than anything else.





Vapeaholics bring their ecigarette devices everywhere, we mean everywhere! To the mall, while we drive and in the bathroom for all ocassions. Lucky for you, you're vaping Hana Honeydew or Halawa Guava which smell incredible. No need for air fresheners anymore.


But first, let me take a Vaphie

As you vape at home while getting ready for the day, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. You stop in your tracks, grab your phone and say, "But first, let me take a Vaphie!"

You can't help but snap a vaphie at least once a day. It's on your daily checklist to take a really good Vaphie including you and a huge cloud of vapor anywhere and anytime. Your day is thrown off without one. Check out our blog Top 10 Vaper Selfies >




What Cup Holder?

No available cup holders for that bottle of water? That's probably because your car cup holders have become your ecig and ecigarette battery holder. With no other options for ecig storage while driving, the cup holder seems to be the perfect fit. Convenient, spacious and right at your side.

No reason to put them anywhere else. Oh, unless you need somewhere to put your bottle of water or Big Gulp that is. In that case, get yourself a carrying case to house your car ecigarette needs.




Windows Down & eCigs Up

Vaping and driving are a great combo for all Vapeaholics especially when we will be encountering long drives or boring traffic. These extended periods of time spent in our car allow us to master the Vapestache that we have been trying to perfect for weeks now.

But as we sit in traffic getting our vape on with the windows up, we run into a couple of issues. Don't forget to crack those windows frequently.




Vapestach Master

Scissors, check. LAVATUBE, check. Vapestache, trimmed to perfection! Maintaining your well crafted Vapestache is a must and is required to pass your personal inspection before walking out your door.

With all the double takes, amazed by-standers and photos taken of you daily, you have been deemed the local Vapestache Master.




Me, a Modaholic?

There comes a time in every Vape-a-holics journey when they are introduced to the world of mods. Some may dabble in "mod-world" and some will pack their bags and move in.

When you have more mods than food in your refridgerator, spend hours deciding which mod to use for the day and know more about mods than most of the companies you purchase from, congratulations, you are a "modaholic."

Stand proud and vape on.