5 Habits That Are Actually Hurting Your eCig


Whether you are aware of it or not, we all have habits. Biting our nails, scratching our chin and constant snacking are all habits we are aware of. After some research and a lot of observing, we’ve noticed some habits that most Vapers do that can potentially harm their ecig devices.

To prevent any damages to your ecigarette, check out the 5 habits that are actually hurting your ecig.


Excessive Tapping

We do it when we’re excited, anxious, upset and bored.

“Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap.” It’s the sound of our ecig device being tapped on the nearest object usually counter tops or desks. Although we may be tapping lightly, in time this habit can be the end of our ecigarette sooner than intended. Excessive tapping can eventually cause the insides of your ecig to loosen which can possibly shorten its lifespan. Retire your ecig from its tap dancing performances and lay it in its hammock to relax with some Pina Volada eliquid by its side.

Spring Cleaning

Ah, Spring Cleaning. The one time of year we thoroughly clean our living space resulting in a free flowing happiness that is short lived. Honestly though, we should really be cleaning our house more than once a year. Tisk, tisk. This also goes for our ecigarette devices and heating elements.

Daily cleaning is always recommended to prevent any build up, leakage and bigger issues in the future, which can result in an unhappy device.To learn more about the Care & Maintenance, check out our Care & Maintenance section of our Knowledge Base.


Overcharging is like over eating. It seems like a good idea but over time can really slow you down. Overcharging can in the long run reduce your battery lifespan and cause damage.  To prevent a short-lived life for your battery, be sure to remove it from its charger when it is fully charged. View Support Info on Charging Batteries >

Button Jiggle

During a conversation, waiting in line at the grocery store or while pretending our ecig device is a lightsaber, we tend to do the Button Jiggle. Although the Button Jiggle seems necessary while watching your buddy dominate in Halo, it really isn’t. To prevent any internal damages between the button and the hardware of your device and a button-less ecigarette, say no to the Button Jiggle.

Pocket Crunch

When on the go, Vapers always have their ecigarette close by for a quick, easy vape. Unfortunately, one of the popular places to hold our devices for a quick, easy vape is in our pockets. Although our pockets seem like a nice, snug spot to keep our ecig safe, it can be completely opposite. While in the pocket, our ecigarette can accidentally be activated, leak and get damaged if we aren’t completely aware of its placement.

To prevent getting yourself into a Pocket Crunch, carry your ecig device in a carrying case or on a lanyard. Want more info on ecig care? Read our Proper Device Care blog >