5 Sexy Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for the VOLCANO Vaper Lover

Valentines Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day, the official day of celebrating the love you have for your special someone and all that’s loving around the world.

Have you planned an ambush of chocolate and flowers at their place of work? Maybe followed by a piece of glittering jewelry and a reservation at one of the most upscale restaurants in town? Why not go against convention and give your significant other something a little more avant-garde, especially if your sweetheart’s other love is their vape.

To show our love, we are currently holding a special Valentine’s 3-Day Sale of up to 30% off of select products perfectly matched to give your love a dynamite vaping experience! Because nothing says love better than the delectable pleasure of vaping with top quality Volcano eCigs products.

So here’s a little gift guide to inspire your choices for your special VOLCANO Valentine.

1. For the someone who is still in love with traditional cigarettes, but you feel it’s their time to give ecigs a try:

The Magma Kit is their perfect match as it offers a vaping feel quite similar to what they are used to with analog cigarettes, especially since it even looks like a traditional cigarette! How could they say no to that?

2. For someone who’s already a vaper and whom you are trying to pursue:

an INFERNO Starter Kit with a BCT Tank System is the perfect way to impress without coming off too strong. Gift it in Purple, Red, Pink, or White to match the special day. And why not include a few bottles of e-liquid just to get them started.

3. For the Volcano eCigs Lover in your life: Create a custom Valentine’s gift basket for them.

Fill it with an INFERNO Carrying Case in Red, perhaps a BCT Tube Tank in Purple or Pink, or a whole new kit if they haven’t given the INFERNO’s incredible vapor production a try yet. Make sure you include a few bottles of eliquid, in Sweet Tart, Cotton Candy, Milk Chocolate, and Shaka Strawberry –just to name a few. Throw in an extra Battery in there with a few new drip tips in red, pink, purple, or white—so your honey can accessorize!

4. Better than a box of Chocolates (all the flavor with none of the calories!):

Give a Valentine’s Day heart shaped box filled with a few choice eliquids:

            Try out these blends perfect for Valentine’s Day:

            - Shaka Strawberry + Milk Chocolate = milk chocolate covered strawberries

            - Bonzai Banana + Milk Chocolate = milk chocolate drenched bananas

            - Pipeline Peach + Vanilla Bean = peaches & cream

5. For your lover who’s already a vaper aficionado, you will surely make a profound impression with a gift of a Lavatube v2.5 Kit in Red, Purple, Pink, or White just to match the love-filled holiday.  The sheer thoughtfulness will certainly impress. And if you are unsure of the flavors or accessories they prefer, you can also include a Volcano eCig Gift Card and leave them to their whims.

So this February 14th make your significant other’s day unforgettable with a special VOLCANO Valentine’s Day gift. A lot more memorable than a fancy dinner, flowers or a box of chocolates --as they will remember this special gift every time they vape!