5 Steps You Can Take So You Can Find Your All-Day-Vape eLiquid


5 Steps You Can Follow So You Can Find Your All-Day-Vape Flavor:

Have you been vaping for a while now and are yet to find your perfect All-Day-Vape flavor? That one flavor that you can just pour into your tank or drip all day knowing it will keep you happily satisfied no matter what the day throws at you. Well you have stumbled on the right post, we’re here to help you find your holy grail of flavors, your true All-Day-Vape. 

There are thousands of different types of eliquids out there today, it is easy to see how you can get lost in the excitement of trying them all, or being unsatisfied because you have tried so many and still haven’t found your true flavor love. But don’t worry, we are here for you because we’ve been there and done that and have compiled an easy go-to guide that you can use to find your All-Day-Vape flavor.


1. Take a look back on your past flavor purchases.

We know for a fact that you most likely tried a juice that you enjoyed well enough for you to stick around and keep at this vaping thing. Now think back to it and ask yourself exactly why you liked it so much. Was it really fruity? Was it the perfect amount of sweet, not too much, not too little? Did it give a great throat hit, or maybe it had a nice menthol kick?

Going through the history of your old flavor purchases is a good base ground to start at, it gives you a great starter point and will allow you to improve and build your flavor profile from there. When you figure out exactly why you liked that first flavor, evaluate what you enjoyed about it. So when you get that new flavor you have something to compare it to, then you can ask yourself the following questions when comparing:

- Is it better?

- Is it worse?

- Is it too different?


2. Figure out what type of flavors you like.

It is really important to know what you like that way you can easily narrow down the amount of flavors that you will want to try on your journey to the perfect All-Day-Vape. When you have compiled the list of the flavors of eliquid that you have tried in the past, write down the flavor notes of each eliquid or taste characteristic you really enjoy from the particular flavor. You can also note down what you don’t like, that way it will help you avoid that type of characteristic in future eliquids.

To get you started, here are the most common flavor profiles of eliquids:


- Tobaccos

- Menthols

- Fruits

- Candies

- Beverages

- Desserts


3. Do your research!

Take the time and visit a few sites that do reviews on eliquids. There are a lot of people out there who are able to dedicate themselves to writing a well-thought out and thorough review of different eliquids. Even if you don’t go to a specific blog, more than likely the eliquid that has caught your eye had reviews on its flavor profile right on the site where you can purchase it on. Everyone has different taste buds and perceive flavors differently, but with more than one review available to you, if you read through a few of them you will see that certain characteristics of that flavor may be commented on and you can decide if you may like that characteristic or not. Keep in mind as you do your research that it is always a good idea to go with the most highly rated juices first, there is a reason why it is so highly rated by so many people.


4. When you find a flavor you think you may like, try it out more than once.

Now you are ready for the best part. If you think you have compiled a good list of different flavors that you are ready to give a go, check with a local store and see if they may carry it. If not hop online and purchase a small bottle of the flavor. Some companies offer trial sizes that you can purchase, but if not most 15ml bottles are relatively inexpensive that you won’t be breaking the bank to test out a new flavor. When you finally get your hands on that flavor, have your original favorite on hand, vape your regular go-to then the new flavor. Compare. Does the new flavor check off a lot of the “likes” on the list that you’ve compiled? If not you can move on to the next one. Remember, you may want to come back to the flavor that didn’t pass your test at first, some flavors need some time to mature or “steep” for its true flavor profile to come out.


5. When everything else fails…

Maybe you just need to try something completely out of your comfort zone. You never know after all, that you may just surprise yourself and end up liking a fruity-menthol blend when your usual vapes are creamy dessert types. Or maybe you are just the type who may need a custom eliquid blend because a company has yet to come up with a flavor profile that can satisfy your taste bud’s complexities. Grab your favorite eliquids that you have in your collection so far and mix away. If you need a starting point check out our eLiquid Mix of the Week blog series where our talented mixologists come up with a brand new, unique and quite flavorful eliquid blend each week. It will surely jump-start your creativity with eliquid mixes and who knows maybe one of these blends may just end up as the holy grail you’ve been long searching for—your All-Day-Vape.