5 Types of People You'll Encounter at a Vapor Lounge

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People of all walks of life come into Vapor Lounges for the same reason, to make the switch.Whether they want to make the switch completely or not, they are all like-minded people yet so very different and unique in their own ways.

Meet the 5 types of people you’ll encounter at a Vapor Lounge.


The Problem Solver

When dealing with ecigarette issues, we tend to only trust a handful of people with helping us resolve those issues. The Problem Solver is one of those people. This person is usually at the Vapor Lounge 7 out of 7 days of the week. They will have their ‘Just in Case’ bag as well as an eCig emergency repair kit consisting of anything and everything you can think of needing in any eCig emergency. The Problem Solver is the only other person that a Vapor Lounge employee will go to for their opinion on an issue. Most importantly, the Problem Solver always takes the time to research products thoroughly, everything from the manufacturing to the care of the product, before making a purchase.

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The Mixologist

After making the switch and vaping for a while you tend to get bored with your typical eliquid flavors. Since you aren’t as creative as you would like to be when it comes to finding a great blend of different eliquid flavors to spice up your vape routine, you’re in need of who we call the Mixologist. The Mixologist is the person that will be able to give you an amazingly unexpected mix of eliquid flavors to try out that will satisfy that itch for something new. They will give you a mix that you can create with the eliquid flavors you already have and also give you the recipe for another eliquid mix that you HAVE to try! If it weren’t for the Mixologist, the Vaper Community wouldn’t be as deliciously entertaining for our taste buds.

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The Gadget Guy

Organic cotton balls, kanthal and a blow torch all sound like random items that have nothing to do with vaping. To the Gadget Guy, it sounds like a great time. This person will always have a toolbox filled with all types of ecig batteries and accessories, eliquid, unrecognizable parts and tools while he sits at the Vapor Lounge bar constantly tinkering with the device he is currently using. Always dripping eliquid to his atty to ensure he has the right amount and proudly speaks fluent in "vaper language". Most likely a Modaholic and definitely a Vape-a-holic with a passion for vaping and always on the journey to finding the best flavor an ecig can get him.

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The Newbie

With the popularity of ecigs growing, we’re seeing more and more newbies popping up in Vapor Lounges nationwide, wanting to learn more about the ecigarette. Newbies are the people that walk into the Vapor Lounge with a slightly excited yet confused look on their faces. They try blending in with the crowd but stick out like a sore thumb especially when one of the staff members asks, “How can I help you?” They say ‘thingy’ a lot and tend to make up their own names for all ecig parts and accessories. But we’ve all been there so we’re more than happy to offer a helping hand and a few words of encouragement because we know for a fact that it will be appreciated.

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The Vapeaholic

A Vaper turned Vape-a-holic is nothing to be ashamed of nor is it something to be scared of. Vape-a-holics are amazing people that just love everything to do with ecigs and vaping. They can be spotted at any Vapor Lounge, Vape Shop or near a Vape kiosk either picking up some more vape supplies, hanging out or trying to squeeze as much info out of the staff about the upcoming new products. They have anywhere from 5 – 40 ecig devices with at least 2 – 3 of them on them at all times. They know eliquid better than you know the back of your hand and can wear a Vapestache like an actual mustache. They always have their ecig device with them and are prepared for any ecig emergency you can think of. They may have a bigger budget for vape supplies than groceries but are the very ones that can’t help but share.

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