5 Unbelievably Delicious eLiquid Mixes


There is one common trait amongst all Vapers – we all love a great eliquid flavor to vape!

Although there is already a plethora of amazing eliquid flavors to choose from, sometimes we get bored and long for more. That’s when we become a Mixologist in training as we combine a mixture of flavors to find the next great vape. On our journey to that next great vape, we steer clear of mixing certain flavors together because the thought of mixing them makes you think, yuck! 

Lucky you, we have Mixologists that live on the edge and dive straight into these dare devil mixes. With their help, we have compiled a great group of 5 unbelievably delicious eliquid mixes for you to explore, if you dare.

Candy Rain (created by Rainy from Ward Warehouse)

Candy Rain will take you through the perfect storm of cool, mouth-watering, tanginess with every vape. Although the weatherman says, “It looks like a bad one!”, he is totally wrong in this case. On the inhale you will experience a cooling sensation from the Menthol Burst to wake up your senses and on the exhale all three flavors intertwine to taste like you’ve been sipping on a refreshingly sweet yet fruity beverage.

Candy Rain Mix:

50% Cotton Candy

40% Red Wings

10% Menthol Burst



Spiced Chai (created by Jon from Ewa)

Spiced Chai will give you that warm, Christmas day feeling with each vape. You’ll experience a sweet caramelized flavor on the inhale with a bold hint of spiced herbs and black tea as you exhale. Although this combination of eliquid flavors looks far from enjoyable, it’s a flavor that will make your taste buds sing Joy to the World!

Spiced Chai mix:

25% Shark’s Clove

25% Vanilla Bean

25% Salted Caramel

25% Kona Coffee



Grape Candy (created by Ron from Pearlridge)

Grape Candy will teleport you back to the days of candy in a tin can. Similar to Demel Grape Candy, this eliquid mixture is a great combination of citrus and grape flavors resulting in that old time favorite hard grape candy flavor. Enjoy a smooth, bold flavor of grape on the inhale that ends with a sweet and tangy citrus rush on the exhale—it will surely have you reminiscing about the old days.

Grape Candy Mix:

50% Grape Escape

50% Red Wings



Ry-nana Bread (created by Christian from Kapahulu)

Ry-nana Bread gives you that warm and toasty feeling you get when your grandma hands you a piece of freshly baked banana bread on a chilly evening. On the inhale you’ll get a light yet sweet banana flavor that transforms into the fresh baked banana bread flavor on the exhale. With the surprisingly delicious combination of Ry-Four and Bonzai Banana, you’ll be sure to always have a bottle of Ry-nana Bread ready during the winter to keep you and your fellow Vapers warm.


Ry-nana Bread Mix:

70% Ry-Four

30% Bonzai Banana



Pine-thol-ple Pie (created by Christian from Kapahulu)

Pine-thol-ple Pie may sound like a strange mixture of eliquid flavors but is quite the opposite. Upon inhale, you’ll get a light flavor of baked piecrust that subtly transitions into a lightly sweetened, tangy pineapple cake flavor. It’s like eating a piece of freshly baked upside down pineapple cake crust first!


Pine-thol-ple Pie Mix:

33% Pineapple Punch

33% Apple Pie

34% Menthol