7 Thoughts Everyone Has When Making the Switch to Vaping



As a newbie to the Vaping World and Vaper Community, you will have many thoughts running through your head both before and during your transition to making the switch to vaping. You will feel as though you are in a foreign land which will be exciting yet confusing and scary. But don't worry we are always here for you and so is the entire Vaping Community, which you will find out is one full of welcoming experienced vapers all excited to share their vaping knowledge will all those who seek it!



Below are 7 of the most common thoughts that run through every newbies head when they make the switch to vaping as well as some advice and tips to help you in that situation.


1. No, I don’t get it, but okay.

When you purchase your very first electronic cigarette at a Vape Shop, the representative will usually do a quick run through on how to work your new ecig, charge and fill it before you leave. At the end of their run through they will ask, “Any questions?” Even though you don’t remember half of what they just told you, you will most likely answer back with, “Nope.”

For the first couple of days you will either call or visit that Vape Shop multiple times until you finally understand or will be completely frustrated and throw the device in the corner until you feel like trying again.

You may feel like you are taking too much of a representative's time or are ashamed of the questions you have. Don’t hesitate to ask all the questions needed because any representative would rather you take their time now to explain everything you are unsure of than have you come back frustrated on another occasion. Contact our Customer Service Team at any time through email and during hours on phone.

2. Are these people speaking another language?

When walking into a Vape Shop as a newbie, you’ll hear your fellow Vapers speaking in a foreign language with technical and unfamiliar words. Don’t get scared, after time you will also be able to speak the language of your local Vape Shop and carry on a conversation without any awkward faces and pauses.

To get familiar with some of the common language and terms you will hear, read our Vaper’s Dictionary.

3. Wait, this is supposed to be cheaper?

When making the initial purchase of your first ecigarette starter kit, it will seem as though you are losing money rather than saving. Although the starter cost of an ecig starter kit is much more than the starter cost of smoking traditional cigarettes, the long-term savings can be substantial after making the complete switch to vaping.

Check out our Savings Calculator to see your savings.

4. Am I the only one who’s having a hard time with this?

After your first couple of hours or full day of vaping, you may notice some difficulties whether they be with the functioning of your ecig or filling your heating element with eliquid. This will leave you wondering, “Am I the only one who’s having a hard time with this?” To answer your question, no you aren’t the only one! It is all too common for newbies to go through a transition period in their first couple of weeks encountering difficulties from getting used to the world of vaping.

Contact customer service if you are having any product difficulties and even read through some of our blogs for common questions and product tips too. We want to help you with having the best experience you can have while making the switch.

5. Is it really possible to make the switch completely?

If your goal is to make the switch completely, it is definitely possible. When pursuing ecigarettes as an alternative, everyone will have their own personal goal whether it be to make the switch completely or just to have an alternative for times when smoking a traditional cigarette is impossible.

Making the switch completely can be immediate for some people or take months and even years for others. Everyone is different and his or her transitions will be different too. Reading blogs, search through forums and asking your fellow Vaper’s about their experience always helps.

6. Why do I feel like a 'Mad Scientist'?

You may get this ‘Mad Scientist’ feeling for a number of reasons and mostly because you are not used to handling batteries, chargers, heating elements and eliquid on a daily or hourly basis. This is another common feeling people go through when transition and getting used to the maintenance and care of their ecigarette device. This feeling will soon enough go away as you get used to everything that goes along with becoming a Vaper.

Be sure to learn more about Proper eCig Battery Care.

7. OMG, I did it!

At this point, all of your previous thoughts have left your mind and all you can think and say is, “OMG, I did it!” When you have achieved your goal of making the switch, no matter the length of time it took to get there, you will always feel proud. Congratulations! You'll notice yourself holding your head up higher as you get your vape on, sharing with anyone and everyone you know and also saving money weekly.