A Letter From Our COO on HB1570

To Our Valued Customers – 

Yesterday, May 3rd 2022 HB1570 passed out of the House committee meeting with 15 no votes and 36 yes votes. The bill will now head to Governor Ige’s desk for either a signature or a possible veto. The Governor has until June 27th to provide a list of bills he intends to veto at which time we will know if he plans to sign it or not. 

HB1570 is a bill aimed at restricting the access of youth to vaping products which is a goal that nobody neither for or against this measure is opposed to. However, this measure is an overreach of government in the ability for adult consumers to elect to make their own choices and a failure at the state in enforcing the already 21 and over law which exists today for vaping products. 

The unfortunate truth is that passage of such a prohibition would only give way to a massive black-market proliferation where the youth are currently sourcing their products from. As we have seen in other mainland markets across our nation such as San Francisco, flavor bans have not and will not yield the results legislators are proposing it will only put the legitimate retailers out of business. 

As a leader in the Hawaii vapor market, we feel that HB1570 is a step backwards for public health and adult access to harm reduction products. We have built this industry for over 12 years and are committed to our mission of advancing Hawaii’s adult access to these revolutionary products in an age verified legal pathway while supporting industry and job creation. 

What we know for sure is HB1570 if signed by the Governor would take regulatory effect on January 1, 2023 for all flavored products other than “tobacco” flavor. Data shows that adult consumers have a higher transition success rate with access to flavors other than tobacco. This does not mean we will give up fighting to protect these products and our industry. We have a few possible outcomes which are likely to happen which include; a veto of the bill from the Governor and/or a lawsuit from our company or others who will be challenging the bill on its constitutionality or title conflict. 

Although this is a speed bump in our legislative process and efforts this year, rest assured our company is going to do everything in our power to address this bill and protect customers and industry from government overreach. I will not stop until we have explored and exhausted every possible solution. As for now, we will be preparing for another massive call to action campaign for all staff and customers directed at the Governor around June 1st. Stay posted for more information on that and if customers are asking what is going on, we will be publishing a letter to all customers today reiterating our views on this measure and the plans we have to engage it further. 

Scott Rasak 
Chief Operating Officer 
VOLCANO Vape Shops / JOCOR Distro