Act 19 (HB940) Signed Into Law, In Hawaii E-Cigs Are Now Banned In Public Places

Governor Ige Signed Act 19 (HB940) Into Law, E-Cigs Are Now Banned Where Smoking Is Already Prohibited


Just last week, Governor David Ige has signed Act 19 (HB940) into law effectively banning the use of electronic cigarettes where smoking is already prohibited. E-cigarette users will soon no longer be able to use e-cigs in workplaces and other public places where smoking tobacco cigarettes has already been banned.


The Hawaii Department of Health has commented on the movement saying that it commends Governor Ige and the legislature for signing and passing Act 19. The signing of this bill makes Hawaii the fourth state in the United States to have passed a ban on e-cigarettes, following the footsteps of New Jersey, Utah and North Dakota.


Another bill, SB1030, also moved through the Senate and was signed into law by Governor Ige which raises the legal age of vaping to 21, which many politicians have put forward to “create a parody” between the products. Pro vaping advocates argue that ecig products are used by committed long-term tobacco smokers and contain no tobacco.


Opponents of the bill say that it is quite unfair that a military veteran coming back from a tour would be prevented from smoking, if the bill is made into law. Democratic Senator Gil Riviere, who voted against the bill said that if the state truly wants to eliminate smoking, it should be banned from use for everyone and not just one group.


“You can sign contracts, you can get married, you can go to way and lose an arm or lose an eye…you come back and you’re 20 years old and you can’t have a cigarette,” Riviere said. What is the sense in that?