All-new MAGMA Kit

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The MAGMA e-cig

Introducing the all-new MAGMA e-cigarette from VOLCANO Fine Electronic Cigarettes.

The kit comes stylishly packed in a gift box and includes an M-Pack, 2 rechargeable automatic draw M-Batteries with red LED's, 2 packs of atomized cartridges pre-filled with USA-Made eliquid in the strength and flavor of your choosing, and all the charging components you'll need to keep your batteries and M-Pack powered up right out of the box.

The MAGMA e-cigarette starter kit

The MAGMA kit has been completely retooled into a 2-piece design and now comes in both black and white. We've cut down the size to a near perfect match of a 100s sized cigarette, making it a great fit for anyone who wants their eCig to fully mimic a traditional cigarette in appearance and performance. This kit truly provides the perfect blend of power and portability. The M-Batteries are the workhorse of the MAGMA and provide the power that is needed for the device to create vapor. When fully charged you can expect nearly an hour of continuous vaping time making them a perfect fit for someone who smokes up to a pack a day.

The MAGMA e-cigarette

The prefilled atomized cartridges now have a lower resistance and a better designed coil and air shaft for improved air flow and vapor production. These are by far our best performing cartridges to date. They come prefilled with our USA made premium e-liquid. There is also black and white blank cartridges which enable users to fill the atomizers themselves with VOLCANO eliquid

VOLCANO Fine Electronic Cigarette Cartomizers

The M-Pack has a set amount of storage slots and each one serves it own purpose. The last slot on the far right of the pack is a charging receptacle where you can charge a MAGMA battery, behind that you have an extra slot for a fully assembled MAGMA, in the next slot you can store another magma battery, and in the remaining slots you have space to store 5 atomized cartridges.

MAGMA Kit Inside

The MAGMA comes equipped with an LED indictor light right on the end that will glow red when in use letting you know that the device is working.  The LED light also acts as an indicator light during the charging process and can be purchased in different colors from The MAGMA accessories page.

LED Charging Light


**Notice to VOLCANO ecig users who are currently using the origional VOLCANO ecig. The original VOLCANO ecig will be discontinued. All prefilled cartridges for the new MAGMA e-cigarette will fit the original VOLCANO batteries and operate. However, further support of the VOLCANO will be discontinued and all users are urged to upgrade to The MAGMA kit for continued product support. Thank you.