All Time 5 Most Popular VOLCANO eLiquid Flavors


With a collection of over 40 different types of eliquid flavors, there are flavors to satisfy everyone.

Within that collection there have been a select few that have always topped the charts and have held a consistent spot in our top eliquid picks.

After a bit of research, we bring to you our all time top 5 eliquid picks.


Menthol Burst

Menthol Burst ranks as our all-time, top eliquid pick out of our wide variety of Premium USA Made eLiquid. This flavor has been compared to a breath mint because of its intense, full-bodied menthol kick. It has been formulated for mixing with other flavors adding a refreshing personality to your mix along with an added explosion of menthol flavor. Although most Vapers use Menthol Burst for mixing with other eliquid, it can also be vaped solo.

Most Helpful Customer Review:

“This is the #1 flavor that I absolutely ALWAYS have! On its own, it is a hardcore, refreshing burst of menthol! I like it on its own, but I love to mix it with my other 2 favorites: grape escape and blue water punch. I have yet to find anything is perfect!” - Vanessa

Suggested flavor pairing:

Bluewater Punch, Blueberry Breeze, Halawa Guava, Pearadise, Maui Mango, Lahaina Lychee, Pipeline Peach, Grape Escape, Pineapple Punch

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Tobacco Pure

If fruity or sweet flavors just don’t cut it for you, you’ll want to check out our Tobacco Pure, which is derived from actual tobacco extract and provides a medium-bodied and leafy vape. When vaping it, you’ll get clean hints of roasted almonds, dried raisins and trace elements of clove that’ll make this an impeccable re-creation of a tobacco cigarette. Having a similar taste to analog cigarettes, our Tobacco Pure eliquid will hit the spot. It is a great flavor on its own but can be mixed with its suggested pairing eliquid to create a similar taste to other flavored cigarettes.

Most Helpful Customer Review:

“While I won't exactly attest to how close it emulates real "tobacco", I find the taste extremely enjoyable. I was worried about what I've heard about a lot of juices being overly sweet, not so with this. Silky with a hint of caramel.” - Mike

Suggested flavor pairing:

Menthol Burst, RY-Four, Kona Coffee

Red Hot Lava

Whether you’re a newbie or have been vaping for a while, you’re going to want to add a little spice to your everyday vape sooner or later. And we couldn’t think of a better way than to try out our Red Hot Lava. Other Vapers will agree that our Red Hot Lava eliquid is a spicy, full bodied and powerful flavor with a mildly sweet aftertaste. Embraced by cinnamon lovers on its own, Red Hot Lava can also be mixed in with other suggested flavors to add a spicy yet sweet kick to your vape.

Most Helpful Customer Review:

“I have tried about 5 other vendor's version of this. This is the best! It is my go to flavor! Perfect, spicy tingle on the tongue followed by excellent throat hit! I wish Volcano made a 24 mg nicotine strength, but the flavor and throat hit is so good that I rarely miss the nicotine as I do in less interesting flavors! Excellent Blend!” - Paul

Suggested flavor pairing:

Tobacco, Tobacco Pure, RY-4

Bluewater Punch

Bluewater Punch was the first VOLCANO eCigs signature blend created by one of our first employees. This flavor is a combination of blueberry, watermelon and fruit punch creating a refreshing and medium-bodied experience with every vape. Being a blend of three delicious and fruity flavors, this flavor is usually vaped as is. From day one Bluewater Punch has been a favorite of many and has always held a spot in our top 5 eliquid picks.

Most Helpful Customer Review:

“Sweet but not overpowering, great all day vape in my 1.5 ohm single coil tube tank. Smooth and well rounded, I highly recommend this flavor.” - Robert

Suggested flavor pairings:

Menthol, Menthol Burst, Vanilla Bean, Shaka Strawberry, Maui Mango

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Halawa Guava

One vape of our Halawa Guava eliquid and you’ll know why it holds a spot in our top 5 eliquid picks. This fruity vape will give you a refreshing surge of ripe tropical fruit with medium-bodied, nectarous guava overtones and a distinctively clear, fruity vape on every exhale. A great flavor that stands on its own and works well with many suggested flavors. Wherever you may be, this flavor will give you a rush of relaxation as if you were chilling under a palm tree on the beach.

Most Helpful Customer Review:

“It has a very rich flavor to it that makes your mouth water, it also goes amazingly well with Hana Honeydew.” – John-Patrick

Suggested flavor pairings:

Kawika’s Kiwi, Menthol Burst, Pearadise, Pina Volada, Pele’s Papaya, Shaka Strawberry, Waikiki Watermelon


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