Batteries 101: Different Battery Sizes



Batteries 101: Electronic Cigarette Batteries & Their Different Sizes

How Battery Sizing Works:

In the ecigarette world, there is an array of batteries that ecigarette enthusiasts use. The most common used are the round lithium-ion type of rechargeable batteries. The chemistries of these batteries are not switchable, but we will tackle battery chemistry in a different post.

Lithium ion batteries are made in many different sizes and most types nowadays have a built-in internal protection circuit and vent ports in order to prevent over-discharge, circuit-damage and premature failure. A lot of this prevention also has to do with the user’s responsible charging, storage and handling of these batteries. Read more on how to properly use your batteries here >

One important fact in terms of ecig battery use is that the user must always charge the battery on the manufacturer recommended chargers, as straying from them without proper knowledge can lead to a shortened lifespan for the battery along with its untimely failure.


What is the deal with those numbers on the side?

These 5 digit numbers indicate the battery’s size and the sizing system for these batteries in general. The first two digits indicate the diameter, the second set of two numbers indicate the length and the fifth number is usually always a zero meaning that it is a cylindrical battery.

For example the New LAVACELL IMR Battery, which is labeled as 18650 LiMN is:

18mm in diameter >> 65mm in length >> round (cylindrical) in shape


Another number that you will find on batteries like ours is the mAh rating, which is the milliamp hour, this tells you the amount of energy that is stored in the battery. The higher the number indicates the possible amount of energy (electricity) that is available to be used. This figure is usually directly related to the battery size, but not always. It is possible to have two differently sized batteries with the same mAh rating or two batteries with the same size but with different mAh ratings.

Read more about Battery mAh here >

Reference Chart That Compares VOLCANO Battery Types & Their Sizes:


Compatible Device

Size (l x d)

mAh Rating





Mega M-Battery




650 mAh USB


72mm x 13mm


900 mAh USB


100mm x 14mm


AW IMR 18650


65mm x 18mm




65mm x 18mm