Best Way to Dispose of an eCigarette Battery


To Recycle, or Not to Recycle

Does it matter if I recycle my ecig? Will it hurt the environment if I throw my ecigarette battery in the trash?

These are all very common questions and concerns when figuring out whether or not you should recycle your unwanted ecigarette batteries. Although it's common to just throw your batteries in the trash, it's strongly recommended to recycle them for a number of reasons. Recycling batteries ensure that they are properly and safely handled as well as put back to use instead of adding to the piles of waste. So, instead of throwing your batteries in the trash, be sure to do the research to find a certified ecig battery recycle drop-off near you.

Certified eCig Battery Recycle Drop-Off

Like all other rechargeable batteries, your ecigarette batteries are recyclable. Places such as Best Buy and Radio Shack are usually certified to collect batteries for recycle. To find a certified drop-off point to recycle your ecig batteries, check out

Before Recycling Your Battery

To take total precaution, make sure your ecigarette batteries are fully discharged and cooled down before taking to a certified ecig recycle drop-off.

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