CALL TO ACTION: Stop Massachusetts from Banning eCig Use


Massachusetts HB (House Bill) 3726 would wisely ban the sale of ecigarettes to minors, but it would also senselessly redefine “smoking” under MA state law to include the use of smoke-free products like ecigarettes. It is important that legislators hear from people like you whose lives have been positively impacted by ecigarettes.

It is critical that Massachusetts ecigs users and their friends and family contact their local representatives (listed below) by email or by phone. Please share this message with anyone who might share your interest in opposing this ecigarette ban.


Please take a moment to make two phone calls or send two emails to two very important representatives, the Speaker of the House Rep. Robert DeLeo and the Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee Rep. Brian Dempsey.

Speaker Rep. Robert DeLeo

  • Phone: 617-722-2500
  • Email:

Chairman Rep. Brian Dempsey

  • Phone: 617-722-2990
  • Email:

When you call or email them, please respectfully but firmly let them know that:

(1) You are calling with comments about HB 3726.

(2) You support banning ecigarette and vapor product sales to youth

(3) You oppose defining ecigarettes as “tobacco products” because they contain no tobacco and many don’t even contain nicotine

(4) You strongly oppose banning the use of ecigarettes where smoking is banned. There is no sound science to support such a ban.  In the absence of such science, private businesses and local communities should make decisions about usage.

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