Can You Sub Ohm Vape On The LAVATUBE v2.5?


Cloud Chasing on the LAVATUBE v2.5:


First Things First, What Exactly Is Sub Ohm Vaping?

Sub ohm vaping or sub-ohming is what advanced vapers like to call the art of making coils with a resistance that is less than 1.0 ohms. Users who sub ohm vape produce massive plumes of vapor with their rebuildable heating coils.

Sub ohm vaping can dangerous hobby if you are not familiar with the ohms law. This is due to the fact that sub ohm vaping requires more amps to be pulled from your battery, but if you did not do your proper research there is a chance your battery cannot handle the draw of these amps. If this is the case your battery can overheat very quickly, leading to thermal runaway and will ultimately fail.

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Second, A Little Bit About Your eCig’s Coils

The most important part of your device apart from the battery,  are coils which generate the heat needed to vaporize your eliquid. Think of your coils as resistors. They will carry the electrical current from the battery through the atomizer in order to create the heat that then vaporizes your eliquid. The resistance of your coils determines how hot they can get and how quick they heat up.

A higher resistance coil will need more energy and more time to get red-hot, whereas a low resistance coil will generate more heat and pull more amps from the battery. Basically, the lower your device’s resistance is, the faster the battery will be drained and the more strain that is placed on the battery.

Very generally speaking, a coil is made from using Kanthal wire wrapped around a screw, drill bit or wick in a specific way to get a certain diameter to achieve the target resistance of the user. Depending on the length of the wire and the number of wraps on the coil is what changes the range of the resistance (makes the resistance go up or down). This is what sub ohmers are playing around with when they build their RDA/RBA coils.

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Can You Sub Ohm Vape on the LAVATUBE?

The quick answer is no.

Well why not if I can attach an RDA/RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer) to it?

First, just a reminder that though VOLCANO offers a limited 1-year warranty from date of purchase on defects on worksmanship and materials for our products and accessories—this warranty is voided if you use our products with parts other than those sold and supplied by us. With that aside, if you do decide to try other tanks and rebuildables on your LAVATUBE, do so! But just be aware that a lot of the issues that our Customer Service receives stem from people using different companies’ products on our devices and destroying the threading or 510 connection.


For a longer answer as to why you cannot sub ohm vape on the LAVATUBE, here it is.

The chipset in our LAVATUBE v2.5 is designed to safeguard the user from using a sub ohm rate. The lowest ohm that the LAVATUBE can read is 1.2 ohms, any number below this rating the device will just output this error message:


This error message means that the ohm rating you are currently using is too low for it to function correctly.

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With the LAVATUBE v2.5, there is a 3-amp cut off that protects the device from anything that tries to draw more than 3 amps from the battery; this is due to the functionality of the chipset. Sub ohm levels would cause an amperage draw of more than 3 amps, so straightaway the chipset prevents this from happening. This all boils down to user safety and protecting the chipset from being melted. During sub ohm vaping, the power transfer usually causes more heat than is recommended for the chipset. In order to not fry the chip, the device spots out the error code telling you it's not able to fire. 


Not everyone has done their research on building an ecig device and more importantly the research required on battery safety and Ohm’s Law. Since you don’t have to worry about your battery failure on your trusty LAVATUBE BC TubeTank setup, all you need to do now is find the right setting for your perfect vape. Check out our article on finding your Vaping “Sweet Spot” here>