Customer of the Week - Derek

COTW Derek

After smoking about 2 packs of traditional cigarettes a day for 35 years, Derek was just starting to plan his smoking alternative hunt.  Before he embarked on his journey, he got lucky.

“I was with one of my friends that just got his first ecig. He offered me a sample and I figured, why not.” Derek immediately liked it and paid our Ala Moana kiosk a visit as soon as he had the chance to.

“I had an easy transition while making the switch to vaping.” Even after being a heavy smoker for 35 years, Derek was able to make the complete switch to vaping in only 3 days and ended up giving away his last pack of cigarettes. Now that he has been vaping for 2 years, he saves about $230 a month.

“The money saved helped us buy our new house.” Not only did Derek save a lot of money by making the switch, but it also has renewed his senses, especially his sense of taste as he now has a greater awareness for the amazing taste of food. “I gained a little weight with my new found appreciation for food!”

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While Derek was still in the newbie stage, he had no difficulties with learning how to properly use and care for his ecig. “It was pretty simple to get used to using.”

Like his transition to making the switch, his newbie stage only lasted a short amount of time before he moved on to becoming a Mixologist. “Although my favorite eliquid flavors are Salted Caramel and Vanilla Bean, I created an e-liquid mixture of my own with ¼ Pineapple Punch and ¾ Vanilla Bean.”

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Working as a Hazardous Waste Disposer at Pearl Harbor for 3 years, Derek knows a thing or two about proper care. “Since it’s easy, I make sure to regularly clean my LAVATUBE.” Proper maintenance and cleaning are important and the best way to get the most out of your ecig. With 2 years of experience as a Vaper, Derek has shared his vaping experience with many people and had some advice for people looking to make the switch too.

“There’s a lot of variety but find a flavor you enjoy and stick with it.” Short and sweet yet absolutely useful.

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“The staff at the VOLCANO Vapor Lounge & Café in Ewa have been more than helpful throughout the years and make a killer Hawaiian Panini!” Although Derek comes to the café for his eliquid refills he usually leaves with a Hawaiian Panini filled with his favorite fruit – pineapple.

“Tastes awesome with my Pineapple Punch and Vanilla Bean creation.”

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