Does eCigarette Nicotine Turn Your Teeth Yellow?


Does eCigarette Nicotine Turn Your Teeth Yellow?

You probably have never thought about it, but a person’s smile is one of the first things that you notice when you look at someone. It may seem like a small detail to some, but having a big, white and inviting smile can get you further in life than you think.

So when you were a smoker of traditional tobacco cigarettes, sometimes it was hard to have that gleaming and welcoming smile because your cigarette left your teeth an unappealing yellow-brown color.

It’s a common question in the Vaping Community if nicotine is the culprit in turning teeth yellow. But did you know that this build-up and staining was due to the tar in your cigarettes? It is the same tar that gunks up your nose, mouth, and airways.

In electronic cigarettes there is no tar and no build-up and even better—there is no more staining. Though it is scientifically known that nicotine, when exposed to oxygen turns yellow (much like a sliced apple oxidizing).

When the nicotine that you inhale from your ecig reaches your mouth/teeth it will certainly oxidize, but the discoloration you see (if any) is temporary and will wash away as soon as you drink some water. The liquid nicotine content in eliquid does not have the ability to build-up in your mouth and stain your teeth the way the tar in smoking does.

So if you want to take back your bright, white smile, switching to electronic cigarettes and vaping instead of smoking is one great step that you can take. There is a long list of great reasons how vaping can positively affect the look of your teeth and the first impressions that you make when meeting new people, and here are a few:

1.  No more yellow-brown tar stained teeth:

  • As discussed above, the tar in cigarettes is what clings to your teeth and causes the unattractive discoloration. Since ecigs do not contain tar, there is more staining!

2.  No more lighting up:

  • When you vape, it is not actually combustion—your device just vaporizes the eliquid. So no more offensive and lingering smoke to bother people around you. All that you exhale is vapor that dissolves into the air.  You don’t even have to worry about second hand vape, because that is just a myth! Read more about it here.

3.  No more smoker’s breath:

  • Because vaping leaves no odor and no lingering smoke, the smell doesn’t get stuck in your mouth the way that tobacco smoke does.

4.  Cheaper bills from your Dentist!

  • The average cost of professional teeth whitening from your dentist is from $300 to $800, even the at home bleaching kits you can get still run between $300-$600. The staining from tar on your teeth is so hard to get off on your own that the only way to get rid of it is with professional help. Imagine how much more money you can save if you don’t have to pay your dentist to whiten your teeth? 

Check out our Savings Calculator and learn how much more you could be saving when you make the switch to VOLCANO ecigarettes.

The great performer Will Rogers once said, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” By making the switch to ecigarettes, you are giving yourself the chance to make a great first impression with a brighter and whiter smile. With ecigs you no longer have to worry about the ugly yellow-brown stains your teeth get from the tar build up.

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