Drip Tip Sanity: Why You Should Sanitize Your Drip Tips Regularly


Why You Need to Clean Your Drip Tips Regularly

Yes, there are thousands of bacteria in your mouth and they are most likely on your drip tip now too, but don’t get too freaked out because most of these bacteria are good for the health of your mouth and are actually beneficial in preventing disease, as without these bacteria, our immune systems would constantly be hit with airborne and saliva transferred germs. So though the bacteria can cause harm to us, the good bacteria in our mouths are actually our bodies’ first line of defense against diseases.

Your drip tip is what creates a safe distance between your mouth and the heat created by your atomizer. Along with that, it also keeps the eliquid from getting into your mouth. But just like any other surface that humans touch, it also has the potential to house the bacteria from your mouth transferred by your saliva.


The Importance of Cleaning Your Drip Tips

PG and VG are both known for their anti-bacterial and anti-fungal abilities, so theoretically every time that you vape the vapor should sterilize the some components of your device—condensation still builds up in your drip tip and is the perfect haven for bacteria and mold when you aren’t using your device.

It is inevitable though, your drip tips will accrue gunk on the inside from your everyday usage—the main culprits being bacterial deposits from your saliva, food, drink residue, etc. This is more so to happen if you are the sharing type, as you increase the chance of foreign bacteria being deposited into your drip tip by simply having your friend take a quick taste of your favorite Mix of the Week recipe without first switching out to a new one.


So here are a few easy tips on how to keep your drip tips clean:

- Soak your drip tips in hot water mixed with a little soap, afterwards rinse them off and let them air dry

- You can also use isopropyl alcohol on a q-tip to clean the inside of the drip tip. We do not recommend soaking them in the alcohol as it can dry out and crack the seal (it can also crack and damage acrylic drip tips so for acrylic tips hot water and soap will do fine)

- Use a twisted piece of paper towel to get into the inside of your drip tip, thread it through and slide your drip tip back and forth on the towel a few times for a good clean wipe of the inside. 

- You can also carry around some disinfectant wipes with you, especially useful if you allow a friend a quick vape 

- Even better, carry a spare drip tip (or two) with you for other people to use


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