E-Cigs Are Now Banned From Checked Baggage Worldwide

The ICAO Has Banned E-Cigarettes & APVs From Checked Luggage


Electronic cigarette devices are no longer allowed in checked luggage when traveling internationally. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has declared a ban on allowing e-cigs and other personal vaping devices inside any checked bags.

The ICAO based in Montreal, works with 191 member states to create the international guidelines and safety standards for airlines, and has come to their decision based on the possible fire hazards that failing batteries can present to an airline during flight.

“Several incidents have been reported involving e-cigarette heating elements being accidentally activated and resulting in fires in checked baggage,” noted Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu, president of the ICAO Council.

This new regulation isn’t anything new as transportation safety companies like the FAA has also been pushing for a similar ban. These stricter regulations aren’t limited to airlines as across the pond, the Southern Railways in Britain and other train companies have also announced bans for ecigs while they are on board. Beginning July 26, 2015, vaping will no longer be allowed on Southern railway platforms and on their trains, the new ban will affect 2,300 routes and 150 stations.

It should be pointed out that the new ban does not prevent vapers from transporting their vaping products, e-liquids and accessories. The ICAO is merely prohibiting vapers from checking them into their luggage. It requires passengers to carry them onboard in the cabin so that the device can easily be accessed in the event that problems were to occur. The new regulation will also prohibit a passenger from charging their vaping device in flight and also bans its use while in the cabin.

While some vapers may feel that this ban is another move from the non-vaping community as another attempt to prevent them from using their devices—it really isn’t. These new regulations make a lot of sense and have been placed with the safety of vapers and others in mind.

Not everyone has done their due diligence and research on battery safety. While others are well prepared and know the limitations of their equipment, many others do not. Read more on how you can stay on the safer side of vaping.

Before you rage about this being another e-cig ban to hinder you from using your devices freely, take a step back and realize that this is a completely logical regulation that has been set in place to prevent a potentially dangerous incident from occurring.

Sometimes new laws and new bans are created for the actual safety of the community. They aren’t always just a new regulation backed by irrational claims and skewed science. This ban happens to be one of the good ones.