e-Liquid Mix of the Week: Apollo's Blend

Mix of the Week: Apollo’s Blend


Named after the Greek god that brings up the morning sun to get the day going, our e-liquid Mix of the Week, Apollo’s Blend will do the same with your daily routine. A smooth blend of tobacco, coffee and vanilla will definitely get your morning started on the right foot with the perfect combination of flavors-- notes of naturally extracted tobacco leaves intertwined with the aroma of a fresh bold cup of dark roasted coffee to finish with creamy vanilla undertones.

Our brilliant e-liquid mixologists knew exactly what they were doing when they created this exotic e-liquid blend. This e-liquid mixture has the indulgent flavor of your favorite dark roasted coffee freshly ground for your morning brew. Its complex flavor is boosted by the true taste of natural tobacco leaf extracts to end in the indulgent creaminess of vanilla to form a quite unforgettable vape reminiscent of your morning coffee and cigarette.

Nothing quite started your day better than your favorite cup of coffee and in between sips, the taste of a cigarette, the smoky natural tobacco flavor lingering on your palate. This e-liquid blend perfectly embodies your beloved morning ritual. This vape blend begins with the bold undertones of naturally extracted tobacco, a crisp and rich taste. Your exhale ends with the seamless coupling of a delightful cup of coffee, bold and nutty with slightly sweet hints of creamy vanilla extracts. This e-liquid fusion is a take on your past coffee and cigarette morning ritual--incredibly exquisite, complex and intoxicating. Intertwined with its full-bodied flavor, robust throat hit, and abundant vapor production—anyone who loves the taste of a cigarette and coffee would love this morning, noon or night.


Apollo’s Blend E-Liquid Recipe:


40% Vanilla Bean

35% Kona Coffee

25% Tobacco Pure


How does it taste?


Check out this review by Michele from our Wahiawa Cafe:

“It has a smooth flavor and I taste a slight hint of coconut! This would be perfect for people who love their morning coffee and cigarette. The coffee taste stands out a bit more than the other flavors, but it is nice and smooth, really enjoyable with a mellow ‘real’ cigarette flavor. It’s nice and smooth so it would be a great all-day-vape for people who love coffee flavors.”


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