e-Liquid Mix of the Week: Berry Lime Ice Pop


E-Juice Mix of the Week: Berry Lime Ice Pop


Spring has finally arrived and that means warm sunny days with the touch of a cool, refreshing breeze—the kind of weather that makes you want to spend the day outside. Now what if we can bottle this energizing feeling in a delicious e-juice you’ll enjoy vaping day after day? We think we did just that with this week’s Mix of the Week, Berry Lime Ice Pop.

Ever the creative geniuses, our e-liquid mixologists came up with another brilliant e-juice flavor that they say feels like a “lovely spring day” in every puff. They achieved this by blending lime, kiwi and strawberry in the perfect portions with an added hint of Menthol Burst to create a flavor reminiscent of a juicy berry and lime ice pop.

On inhale the sweet flavors of juicy strawberries and ripened kiwis take over your palate, and with your exhale the taste of fragrant tart limes takes over and ends with a refreshingly cool tingle on your tongue. Berry Lime Ice Pop is an e-juice mixture that is fruit-filled with a mild cooling taste that any candy or fruit flavor lover would surely enjoy as an all-day-vape flavor.


Berry Lime Ice Pop E-Liquid Recipe:


50% Lolo Lime

25% Kawika’s Kiwi

25% Shaka Strawberry

2-4 Drops of Menthol Burst


How does it taste?


Check out this review by Harris R. from our Kapahulu Vape Shop:


“It needs a little bit more Menthol Burst for my taste, but it’s a delicious flavor. The three fruit e-juices mix together into a nice candied taste. It’s not an ADV for me, but I could see folks who enjoy fruit or candy flavors really liking this one.”


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