e-Liquid Mix of the Week: Cherry Limeade

Mix of the Week: Cherry Limeade


Do you enjoy a nice cooling glass of cherry limeade? If you do, then you will surely enjoy our take on the tart and sweet flavor with our Mix of the Week, Cherry Limeade, for a delightful vape inspired by the beverage.

Our gifted e-liquid mixologists are always experimenting to bring you a vape inspired by your favorite drinks, desserts and foods. This week they finally perfected their take on an enjoyable glass of cherry limeade. Each puff is so flavorful that your tastebuds will have you believing you are enjoying the real thing! This e-liquid mixture has a delectable tart cherry flavor with a sweet and slightly sour hint of lime just like the drink that inspired it. 

On your first inhale your tastebuds will be enveloped in the crisp tartness of true cherry flavor with the sour of lime to linger at the end. Your exhale lends itself to the sweet and smooth finish of a carbonated lemon-lime finish with a cooling menthol freshness throughout.  Truly an enjoyable e-liquid take on a cherry limeade flavor, with ample vapor production and great throat hit.


Cherry Limeade Recipe:

40% Cherry Lava

20% Lolo Lime

20% Mauna Dew

20% Sweet Tart


2-5 Drops of Menthol Burst (suit to your taste)


How does it taste?

Check out this review by Marlon from our Wahiawa Cafe:

“Wow! It actually tastes like you are vaping Cherry Limeade! On inhale I taste a burst of tart cherry with a lime kick and then on the exhale, it’s nice and smooth sweet vape from the mauna dew. The whole time it’s nice and refreshing because of the menthol burst. It would be a great all-day-vape for people who enjoy cherry limeade.


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