e-Liquid Mix of the Week: Choco-Mint

Mix of the Week: Choco-Mint


Craving those delicious chocolate and mint cookies, those crisp and chocolaty wafers dipped into decadent chocolate laced with the perfect amount of peppermint? You know what we are talking about, yes those thin mints! It is what has inspired this week’s Mix of the Week, Choco-Mint for a chocolate and mint vape that is an instant cure for your cookie cravings.

Our e-liquid mixologists hit the nail on the head with this mix, as it is the ideal blend to sooth your appetite for those delicious cookies that come only once a year. Great with your morning cup of coffee or even all day, this masterful blend combines the flavors of chocolate, vanilla and menthol all into one satisfying dessert vape.

This vape flavor begins with the bold notes of menthol, refreshingly minty with a light note of sweetened tobacco undertone. The flavor then takes a more decadent turn with the flavors of chocolate and hazelnut, to imitate the crunchy taste of the chocolate wafer of this beloved cookie. Your exhale is a hint of vanilla laced with the icy tingle of menthol for a delightful vape take on this delicious cookie concoction. This e-liquid combination has robust flavor and thick vapor production on every puff to make for an ideal all-day-vape flavor for those who enjoy their dessert vapes.


Choco-Mint E-Liquid Recipe:

30% Menthol

50% Choconilla Haze

20% Vanilla Bean


VOLCANO Vaper Tip: Want even more of an icy kick? Add a couple drops of Menthol Burst for an added refreshing blast to your exhale.


How does it taste?


Check out this review by our great staff:


Alison from our Wahiawa Café:


“On inhale you really get the hit of the menthol with a sweet twist of the choconilla, on exhale you taste a bit more vanilla with a minty kick. It’s delicious! Definitely an all-day-vape if you like your dessert flavors.”


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