e-Liquid Mix of the Week: Cinnamon Roll

Mix of the Week: Cinnamon Roll


Enjoy the flavor of a freshly baked cinnamon roll, the flaky warm layers of dough, the cinnamon wrapped in between the warm layers all drenched in creamy icing in the perfect form of a calorie-free vape. Take a look at this week’s e-liquid Mix of the Week: Cinnamon Roll, for deliciously sinful dessert vape.

One of the best e-liquid mixtures made by our talented mixologists, this e-liquid blend takes the flavors of a warm baked cinnamon roll and turned it into a great dessert vape. This is the ideal e-liquid mix to ward off your sweet tooth without having to worry about adding to your workout at the end of the day.

On inhale this vape blend starts with the sweetened flavors of butterscotch and vanilla to imitate the glaze melting on this bakery delight. Your exhale is the warm overtones of cinnamon and freshly baked layers of dough created by the Captain Cook and Red Hot Lava e-liquids. With amazing flavor reproduction, thick vapor production and ample throat hit, this e-liquid mixture is a great all-day-vape for any dessert flavor lover.


Cinnamon Roll E-Liquid Recipe:


40% Captain Cook

30% Vanilla Bean

20% Butterscotch

10% Red Hot Lava


How does it taste?


Check out this review by Alison & Alyssa from our Wahiawa Cafe:

“On the inhale you can taste what seems like the cinnamon frosting from the vanilla bean and the on exhale you really taste the cinnamon roll itself. I think it would be a good all-day-vape because it’s sweet but not too sweet. It’s a nice light flavor.”


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