e-Liquid Mix of the Week: Glacial Pearadise

Mix of the Week: Glacial Pearadise


Spring is the time of perfect weather; it is rarely ever too hot or too cold. The sun brings a nice warmth on bright sunny days, but still takes with it a gentle cooling breeze to keep you from being too warm. Why not an e-liquid mixture that creates the same type of feeling when you vape it? Check out this week’s e-liquid Mix of the Week: Glacial Pearadise, for a tropical inspired vape with an icy twist.

Quite a unique vape creation from our in-house mixologists, this e-liquid combination takes the flavors of tropical fruits and adds an icy hint for a cooling effect. It's the ideal springtime fruit flavor that’s enhanced with the surprising kick of bold minty notes.

Your first inhale of this vape mixture begins with an icy blast of menthol freshness intermingled with the hearty sweetness of pear and guava. Your exhale is balanced by the warm notes of creamy pineapple with a slight coconut hint that lingers on your palate. This e-liquid flavor is a unique blend that has robust flavor, full-bodied vapor production and satisfying throat hit—a fruity, icy blast that’s a great all-day-vape for any menthol lover.


Glacial Pearadise E-Liquid Recipe:


35% Pearadise

30% Halawa Guava

30% Pineapple

5% Menthol Burst (to taste)


How does it taste?


Check out this review by Mike from our Kapahulu Cafe:

“On first inhale you get hit with a minty burst mixed with the sweet fruity flavors of tropical fruits. At the end there’s a creamy undertone of coconut. It’s definitely tasty and would be a great All-Day-Vape for people who love their menthol flavors.”


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