e-Liquid Mix of the Week: Gone Bananas


E-Juice Mix of the Week: Gone Bananas


Sometimes your day can be dragged down with piles of work and responsibility, that sometimes you feel like you need a little pick-me-up to get you going again. Check out this week’s Mix of the Week, Gone Bananas, the vape flavor that can add that extra boost of energy into your day from the very first puff you exhale.

Our e-liquid mixologists can get hit with glum days themselves; coming up with new delicious e-juice blends can be stressful too. So they set off to create an e-liquid mix that would be the perfect antidote to a busy and stress-filled day. They perfected their de-stressing blend in Gone Bananas, whose mix of banana, honeydew, vanilla and candy flavors serves as an uplifting combination that can lift anyone’s spirit.

With the first inhale the bold taste of banana envelopes your taste buds and swirls with the juiciness of ripened honeydew. On exhale, the rich notes of sweet candies and vanilla cream takeover to create a wonderfully silky and satisfying ending. An e-liquid creation that is full to the brim with fruity and creamy notes, but light enough to make a perfect all day vape.


Gone Bananas E-Liquid Recipe:


40% Bonzai Banana

30% Vanilla Bean

30% Hana Honeydew

10% Sweet Tart


**VOLCANO E-liquid Mixologist Tip: Add a couple drops of Menthol Burst for a cool, refreshing exhale.


How does it taste?


Check out this review by Harris R. from our Kapahulu Vape Shop:


“The banana is strong on the exhale, but the candy and vanilla cream are somewhat elevated by the crispness of honeydew. I’d vape this all day, maybe not everyday but it’s a great all-day type of flavor.”


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