e-Liquid Mix of the Week: Ice Cream Sundae

Mix of the Week: Ice Cream Sundae


Are you craving a three-scoop ice cream sundae, one with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry surrounded by a deliciously ripe banana and sprinkled with crunchy nuts? You’re in luck because it has inspired this week’s Mix of the Week, Ice Cream Sundae for a vape filled with so much ice cream goodness, you’ll think you’re eating the real thing.

Our talented e-liquid mixologists brilliantly captured the flavor tones of an ice cream sundae with this week’s concoction. The flavors of chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and ripened bananas blend deliciously into this complex and satisfying vape treat.

This e-liquid creation begins on the mellow notes of chocolate with light undertones of vanilla, the flavor turns a bit fruity as the ripened juicy flavors of strawberry and vanilla hit your taste buds. Your exhale is a nutty crunch of hazelnuts that wrap this e-liquid flavor into a delicious end. This complex e-liquid mixture has an unforgettable satisfying flavor and dense vapor production with every puff to make for a great all-day-vape.


Ice Cream Sundae E-Liquid Recipe:


50% Choconilla Haze

45% Shaka Strawberry

5% Bonzai Banana


VOLCANO Vaper Tip: Add a couple drops of Menthol Burst for an added refreshing blast to this cream-filled exhale.


How does it taste?


Check out this review by our great staff:


Marlon from our Wahiawa Café:

“On the inhale you get the creamy of the chocolate and vanilla, on the exhale you get the fruitiness of the strawberry and banana and throughout the vape you get the cooling effect of burst and the nuttiness of hazelnut. It’s an all-day-vape for sure and a definite cure for a sweet tooth!”


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