e-Liquid Mix of the Week: Jolly Guava

Mix of the Week: Jolly Guava


Looking for a vape flavor the sweet and tart at the same time? We have a great one coming at you with week’s Mix of the Week, Jolly Guava. This is a vape that will hit you with a sweet kiss of tropical fruits and a satisfying tart bite on exhale.

A juicy e-liquid mixture that is great for long, hot summer days, this flavor is a delightful combination of guava, watermelon and candy tart flavors. The two fruit flavors meld together deliciously for a candied watermelon and guava flavor. The sweetness is balanced out by the tangy taste of sweet tart for a great balance between sweet and sour.

Jolly Guava starts on the juicy notes of sun-ripened guava mixed with the succulent taste of cool fresh slices of watermelon. The flavor then takes a delightfully tangy turn on your tongue with the added flavor of sweet tart for a truly refreshing fruity e-liquid blend. This mix gives the perfect sweet and tangy e-liquid flavor with a satisfying amount of vapor production for an e-liquid that can be your go-to all-day-vape flavor whenever you get the craving for juicy candies during these hot summer months.


Jolly Guava E-Liquid Recipe:


50% Halawa Guava

25% Waikiki Watermelon

25% Sweet Tart


VOLCANO Vaper Tip: Add a couple drops on Menthol Burst to give this fruity e-liquid a refreshing icy kick!


How does it taste?


Check out these reviews by our great staff:


Alyssa & Alison from our Wahiawa Café:


“It has a little too much sweet tart for me, but I think with a 60-25-15 blend you get a little more guava flavor with a touch of tart at the end. A great all-day-vape if you like fruit flavors.”



“Fruity and tart all in one. You get the juicy taste of guava first mixed with a little watermelon and then on exhale you have the tanginess of the sweet tart. It’s a great balance, not too sweet and not too tart. Really delicious when it’s hot outside, I could definitely see this as an all-day-vape for people who like their fruity e-liquid flavors.”


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