e-Liquid Mix of the Week: Key Lime Pie

Mix of the Week: Key Lime Pie


A southern classic and a dessert that brings in luminous rays of tropical sunshine in every bite, key lime pies are a tart yet perfectly sweet favorite that brings in the warmth of summer even when we are still stuck in the middle of winter. So why not an e-liquid recipe that perfectly embodies the flavor profile of this much loved dessert? Check out this week’s Mix of the Week, Key Lime Pie, for a decadent citrus-filled vape treat.

Another amazing vape creation from our skilled e-liquid mixologists, this week’s recipe they tackle the classic key lime pie. The mixture so flavorful that every time you blow out a puff of vapor your mouth will believe you are taking a bite from the real thing! This e-liquid blend has a luscious citrusy tart lime zest balanced out by the creamy sweetness of vanilla and butterscotch to emulate the layers of whipped cream and crisp graham cracker crust to create a perfectly balanced vape.

When you first take a pull from your e-cig your palate will be drenched in the fresh tart flavor of a spot-on lime flavor. Your exhale is a perfect combination of sweetened creamy vanilla and butterscotch mingled together as complementary offset to the lime taste.  This e-liquid flavor is quite a pleasant interpretation of a fresh and cool slice of key lime pie, which coupled with its abundant vapor production and perfect throat hit, who wouldn’t enjoy every puff?


Key Lime Pie E-Liquid Recipe:


50% Lolo Lime

30% Vanilla Bean

20% Butterscotch


How does it taste?

Check out this review by Brandy from our Kapahulu Cafe:

“if you LOVE dessert type flavors ~~THIS IS THE ONE!!!! All the richness of pie without the calories…at the first inhale the taste is citrusy juicy mouth watering then the creaminess of rich vanilla takes over and leaves you with a slight butterscotch taste, the aftertaste leaves you wanting more. If you are a dessert lover you’ll LOVE the MOTW Key Lime Pie hands down!”


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