e-Liquid Mix of the Week: Lime Soda Gummy

E-Juice Mix of the Week: Lime Soda Gummy


Flavored sodas are always so refreshing; you can really never get over the many different types that they come in like orange, grape, lemon-lime and so many more. It’s no wonder why eventually they were made into chewy gummy candies for a different way to enjoy the delicious fruity flavors. It is one particular and rather uncommon soda flavored gummy that has inspired this week’s Mix of the Week, Lime Soda Gummy for a delightfully sweet citrus vape treat.

As creative as ever, our talented e-liquid mix masters felt it was time to create an e-juice in the essence of one of their favorite gummy candies. The rare, yet delicious lime soda gummy with its tart, lemon-lime, sweet with a slight hint of cream flavor—with a taste profile like that, no wonder they turned it into a vape!

On inhale the taste of lemon-lime floods your palate, mellow and sugary with soft hints of effervescence. With your exhale the perfect combination of sweet cotton candy and tart lime linger long after your last puff. It’s an e-liquid blend that is full of juicy flavor, but one that can still be enjoyed all day, especially for those who love their candy flavored vapes.



Lime Soda E-Liquid Recipe:


40% Mauna Dew

25% Sweet Tart

25% Cotton Candy

10% Lolo Lime


How does it taste?


Check out this review by Jonathan W. from our Kapahulu Vape Shop:


“On inhale you get a taste straight out of the bottle Mountain Dew with a hint of delightful sweet candy. On exhale; you get a sour cotton candy taste. It’s a full flavor but smooth enough to be an awesome ADV for candy lovers!”


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