e-Liquid Mix of the Week: Nerdy Clouds


E-Juice Mix of the Week: Nerdy Clouds


Is your sweet tooth aching for those tiny sweet and sour candies that come packed in an iconic box? If your answer is yes, than we have the perfect e-liquid mix for you! Take a vape down memory lane with this week’s Mix of the Week, Nerdy Clouds—a delicious sweet and tangy combination of fruit flavors for clouds that taste just like your favorite boxed candy.

As always, it seems our e-liquid mixologists never disappoint when it comes to creating a new e-juice blend inspired by their favorite sweet treats. This time they felt it was time to honor their favorite-boxed candy, Nerds. By expertly blending BlueWater Punch with strawberry, banana and watermelon flavors they created the perfect e-liquid that tastes exactly like those little sweet and sour candies.

With your first inhale the tangy citrus flavor of BlueWater Punch floods your taste buds, and with your exhale the flavors of ripened strawberry and banana twisted in the juicy taste of watermelon take over for a sweet and satisfying vape. Nerdy Clouds is an e-liquid mixture that combines four popular e-juices and perfectly recreates the delightful taste of Nerds, without the cardboard box.


Nerdy Clouds E-Liquid Recipe:


50% BlueWater Punch

40% Shaka Strawberry

5% Bonzai Banana

5% Waikiki Watermelon

VOLCANO Vape Tip: 2-4 drops of Menthol Burst for an icy exhale


How does it taste?


Check out this review by Jason G. from our Ewa Beach Vape Shop & Custom E-liquid Mix Bar:

“It’s SO GOOD! It has a strong citrus taste on the inhale from BlueWater Punch and the exhale, it’s hard to describe because all of the fruit flavors mix really well together. Honestly, it tastes just like Nerds candy!”


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