e-Liquid Mix of the Week: Peach Cobbler Delight

Mix of the Week: Peach Cobbler Delight


Are you craving that southern classic dessert, wonderfully tender, sweet peaches bubbling under a crust of delightful brown sugar crust? Yes we are talking about the classic peach cobbler, the epitome of a summertime dessert. It is what has inspired this week’s Mix of the Week, Peach Cobbler Delight. For a vape so true to its name your taste buds will think you have just taken a bite out of a freshly baked slice.

Perfect for the summertime, e-liquid mixologists were hard at work in order to capture the flavor of this iconic dessert and we think they got it right! With each puff of this week’s mixture you will taste the brown sugar, buttery crust, the bubbling warm and creamy peaches.

This vape mix begins on the succulent notes of fresh juicy peaches enveloped in decadent vanilla cream. The flavor then deepens into the brown sugar tones of salted caramel for a rich and extraordinarily satisfying dessert e-liquid. Excellently blended, this e-liquid mixture provides delectable flavor and abundant vapor production for an unforgettable vape that will be your new go-to all-day-dessert vape flavor!


Peach Cobbler Delight E-Liquid Recipe:


70% Pipeline Peach

20% Vanilla Bean

10% Salted Caramel


How does it taste?


Check out this review from one of our staff:


Sarah P. from our Ewa Beach Café:


“It has a nice peachy vanilla taste on the inhale and a smooth, creamy caramel taste on the exhale. It’s a really good fruit-dessert flavor. All day vape for sure!”


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