e-Liquid Mix of the Week: RY-Four Renegade


Mix of the Week: RY-Four Renegade


RY-Four or Ruyan #4 was a special formulation originally created for Ruyan Group Ltd and was especially concocted for vapers. It is named #4 because it came from a series of blends where they tried different ingredients and simply #4 was the best. For an e-liquid to be considered a “RY-Four”, it has to contain these three main ingredients: tobacco, caramel and vanilla—the great variety of these flavors are created based around these three main flavors.

VOLCANO’s RY-Four is already quite impressive on its own, but our mixologists set to make it bolder, and with greater depth of flavor, in case our vapers may want the option. So for this week’s Mix of the Week, check out RY-Four Renegade, our classic RY-Four with a rogue side.

This intense mixture starts on the deepened flavor tones of Tobacco, dark and warm. The flavor then blends seamlessly into the rich sweetness of caramel and ends in the creamy and satisfying notes of luscious vanilla. Splendidly combined into an exquisite harmony, this e-liquid mixture provides robust flavor and voluminous vapor production for an unforgettable flavor that will surely become your new all-day-vape from your first puff.


RY-Four Renegade E-Liquid Recipe:


50% RY-Four

20% Vanilla Bean

15% Salted Caramel

15% Tobacco


VOLCANO Vaper Tip: Add a few drops of Menthol Burst for a cooling kick to this bold flavor!


How does it taste?


Check out these reviews by our great staff:


Milton K. from our Wahiawa Café:

“It’s pretty good! It’s a sweet tobacco inhale with a caramel flavored exhale. It leaves a hint of vanilla on your tongue. Definitely an all-day-vape mix.”


Hans T. from our Ewa Café:

“It’s a good sweet tobacco mix that gives a smooth hit that can give you a throat hit if you are searching for it. It’s great as an all day vape too.”