e-Liquid Mix of the Week: The 555

Mix of the Week: The 555


This week’s Mix of the Week, The 555 takes after a distinguished brand of smokes from across the pond called the State Express 555. This brand of tobacco has been around since the early 1920s and was originally manufactured in the United Kingdom being well known for its nutty tobacco flavor.

We think our talented e-liquid mixologists hit the nail on the head with their re-creation of this classic flavor. An impeccable blend of Tobacco, Choconilla Haze and Salted Caramel for a truly decadent vape that we know you’ll enjoy day after day.

On inhale this e-liquid blend you taste the warm, nutty flavor of Choconilla—smooth and sweet on the taste buds. On exhale is a mild tobacco flavor that is subtle, yet consistent with a hint of salted caramel that lingers in the nostril. The vapor is full and fills you with a phenomenal hit with the perfect strength that is sure to satisfy. The 555 is an e-liquid mixture that is perfect with your morning cup of coffee or to relax with after a filling meal.


The 555 E-Liquid Recipe:


50% Tobacco

40% Choconilla Haze

10% Salted Caramel


How does it taste?


Check out this review by Hans from our Ewa Beach Café:

"On inhale I taste the Choconilla Haze, then as I blow out the vapor I get the taste of mild Tobacco with a touch of the Salted Caramel at the end. It’s really rich in flavor. It would be great in the morning with a cup of coffee or even as a dessert vape because of its ample flavor.”