e-Liquid Mix of the Week: Tobacco Pure Vanilla

Mix of the Week: Tobacco Pure Vanilla


Do you enjoy your tobacco e-liquid flavors but sometimes wish for a vape with little more flavor and a slight sweetness? Well we have the right mixture for you. Take a look at this week’s Mix of the Week, Tobacco Pure Vanilla for a vape filled with natural tobacco flavor and a hint of creamy vanilla.

Looking to add a nice to twist to a classic flavor, our e-liquid mixologists came up with a simple mixture that is complex in flavor. By simply adding the right amount of Vanilla Bean to the impeccably blended Tobacco Pure e-liquid they came up with the perfect balance of authentic tobacco coupled with the right amount of delectable vanilla.

This e-liquid blend starts on the robust flavor notes of enticingly fragrant leafy tobacco, naturally extracted from real tobacco leaves. The exhale turns to the velvety sweet notes of creamy vanilla, pure and simple to create a well-balanced blend between aromatic tobacco and sweet buttery vanilla for a vape with ample flavor and thick vapor clouds.


Tobacco Pure Vanilla E-Liquid Recipe:


60% Tobacco Pure

40% Vanilla Bean


VOLCANO Vaper Tip: Add a couple drops of Menthol Burst for an added refreshing blast to this creamy e-liquid blend.


How does it taste?


Check out this review by Alison from our Wahiawa Café:


“I could vape this all day! On inhale you get the strong taste of the tobacco and then on inhale the sweetness of vanilla kicks in. I also added a little Salted Caramel for an extra buttery and cream-filled hint. It’s definitely a mix that tobacco lovers should try, they won’t regret it!”


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