eCig Battery Care


Whether you have an AA Battery or an eCig Battery, we still need to properly take care of them to ensure our safety as well as get the most out of the battery.

The battery is the workhorse of any ecigarette and taking care of it is important to prolong efficiency and performance. Here are some helpful guidelines to keep in mind when bringing home a battery.

No Battery Scuba Diving

Although it would be amazing, eCig batteries are not made to be wet.  So cancel the swimming lessons and return the mini bikini for your battery and keep it nice and dry.  By keeping your battery dry, you will prevent any moisture from messing with the hidden hardware of the battery therefore causing a possibly bigger issue.

Batteries aren’t Cookies so don’t Bake them

Just like any other electronic device, eCig batteries are best left out of high heat.  Your device is already slightly heated when in use so when in an already heated climate it can cause your device to become overheated which for any electronic device is no good.  Keep your baby out of high heated situations and prevent the permanent silent treatment.

Don’t Overcharge

Keeping your batteries charged is great, but over doing it isn’t.  To prevent your batteries from being overcharged and therefore damaged, be sure to remove it from its charger when it is fully charged.

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So Fresh and So Clean

It is an unwritten rule for us humans to bathe daily (or more if needed) as well as wash our hands before we eat and brush our teeth twice a day to maintain a healthy appearance. Same with our eCig batteries. Batteries should be cleaned regularly in the battery connection area and any other areas that are exposed to eliquid or the outside environment on a daily basis.  Using a moist (not drenched) wipe or rubbing alcohol for cleaning is best.

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The Battery Cool Down

When we go on vacation, we slowly start to change our daily pace and are fully recharged by the end.  We then are thrown back in to the hustle and bustle of our normal lives and become immediately overwhelmed. Same thing for our batteries.  After your battery has been fully charged (from vacation), give it sometime before putting it to work. This will give it time to cool off and prep for work.

“We Need a Break”

Although your battery and heating element are made to be together, it’s good for them to take a break.  Too much time spent together can cause some not so fun situations so when you are not using your eCig set up, remove your heating element from your battery.  This may be a good time to check it there have been any damages or messes to clean up.

Battery Body Slam

Everytime your battery is dropped or encounters a hard hit, although you may not see damage. It is internally damaged in some way and can possibly affect it's performance and lifespan as well.  To prevent ending your batteries life early, be sure to exclude it from your WWE re-enactment and save it a seat in the audience to cheer you on. This will leave you both happier at the end of the day. If you are using The LAVATUBE you can use our battery case to ensusre saftey and if you are using The INFERNO, try utilizing the carrying case to keep your batteries safe on the go.