eCigarette Etiquette: Your Vaping Code of Behavior

eCig Etiquette

We love vaping and are proud to vape anywhere at anytime.

Whether we’re in a Vapor Lounge or cab, we hardly think twice about getting our vape on. Although we know the differences between smoking and vaping, we can’t expect that everyone else will too. Like with eating, there is an etiquette for vaping to ensure we don’t offend anyone and maintain our reputation as a polite group of people. So lift that pinky up, scroll down and check out our eCigarette Etiquette - Your Vaping Code of Behavior.

Be Aware of Those Around You

Even when using a smokeless ecigarette device, people can get easily offended when your serious cloud of vapor hits them in the face. Show some common courtesy and take a look around you before you vape and make it a point to direct your serious cloud of vapor in the opposite direction of any fellow bystanders.

Ask first

When one of your vape buddies walks into the Vapor Lounge with THE newest device in his hand, it’s like having a plate of delicious Huli Huli Chicken prepared by the Iron Chef of America placed right in front of you after being stranded on a deserted island for a year with nothing but coconuts and rats to eat. Your eyes get big, your breathing changes and your mouth drops. Your first instinct is to grab it and give it a vape. Um, rude! Regardless of your relationship with this fellow vape buddy, always ask first. This will prevent an offended vape buddy and also show respect.

“Do you mind?”

There’s something about a freshly washed and detailed car on your way to the concert of the year that just enhances your mood by 100%! Until you look in your rear view mirror and see your friend chomping away on greasy potato chips leaving crumbs everywhere! Like Stephanie from Full House said, “How rude!”

Like eating in someone’s car, vaping without asking can offend the best of friends. Take a second to ask and prevent a night filled with dirty looks and cold shoulders.

Walking Billboard for eCigs

With your new found love and increased popularity for ecigarettes, you may find yourself becoming a walking and talking billboard! As a proud Vaper, briefly share your experience and answer general questions while referring them to the nearest vape shop for further details.

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