eLiquid Mix Of The Week: Banana Bread

Mix of the Week: Banana Bread


Banana bread has stood the test of time, it is a go-to easy recipe for ingredients you have lying around your pantry and it is the best way to use up overripe bananas. So who really needs another banana bread recipe? But what about an eliquid banana bread recipe? So take a look at this week’s Mix of the Week, Banana Bread, a vape so true to its namesake that you will swear you are eating a warm slice of banana bread with every puff.


Devised by our brilliant eliquid mixologists, Banana Bread is the perfect combination of RY-Four Tobacco, Bonzai Banana, Tobacco and Vanilla Bean eliquids.


With your first inhale you will surely be hooked as the warm deep flavor tones of RY-Four embrace your palate. In a harmonious combination of the four flavors, your exhale ends in the true taste of a warm slice of banana bread; you may think that you had just taken a bite of freshly baked bread. With full vapor production and ample throat hit, this makes for a quite satisfying vape experience.



Banana Bread eLiquid Recipe:


60% RY-Four Tobacco

30% Bonzai Banana

5% Tobacco

5% Vanilla Bean



How does it taste?


Check out this review by Alyssa from our Wahiawa Cafe:


“It’s really good! It tastes exactly like banana bread! You first taste the RY-Four, but your exhale is all banana bread taste. This would be a great all-day-vape for someone who likes dessert flavors, especially people who love RY-Four. It’s a really mellow flavor and is just delicious!”


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