eLiquid Mix Of The Week: Candied Guava

Mix of the Week: Candied Guava


Remember when you got to go to the carnival or state fair and one of the best parts was being able to get a huge puff of cotton candy? As an adult you can still delight in that flavor, but with an added tropical twist. Check out this week’s Mix of the Week, Candied Guava, a vape confection reminiscent of those pillows of pink wool mixed deliciously with the juicy flavor of guava, a vape that has its own kind of magic.


Created by our talented eliquid mixologists, Candied Guava is a combination of Cotton Candy and Halawa Guava eliquids. When you take your first inhale you will taste the sheer, sugary delight that cotton candy offers—sweet tooth satisfying.


Your exhale is a surge of ripened and true guava taste that is distinct and nectarous. This vape is a sugarcoated tropical delight that gives full vapor production and ends in voluminous clouds of vapor.



Candied Guava eLiquid Recipe:


60% Cotton Candy

40% Halawa Guava



How does it taste?


Check out this review by Rainy from our Ewa Beach Cafe:


“It’s like going to the carnival and getting the pink or blue cotton candy but just like shaved ice you could squirt a flavor syrup on your cotton candy! It’s like having your cotton candy with the extra flavor of guava. It is sweet and delicious, you taste the cotton candy first and the guava after. This is an All-Day-Vape for me for sure!


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