eLiquid Mix of the Week: Capn's Tobacco Hut

Mix of the Week: Capn’s Tobacco Hut


eLiquid Mix of the Week: Capn’s Tobacco Hut

Thanksgiving and Black Friday are next week! Are you ready for the start of the holiday shopping season madness? Is your pantry stocked with all the necessary dressings needed for a successful holiday dinner? Next week is going to be stressful for sure. So why not take a five minute break in between the hectic preparations with an eliquid that will surely send you into state of bliss—even if it’s only for a few minutes.  Check out the details on our Mix of the Week, Capn’s Tobacco Hut an exceptional flavor blend that will definitely cure your shopping woes!

A bold and delectable flavor, Capn’s Tobacco Hut is an eliquid that will satiate your taste buds and send you into a state of relaxation! Smooth, creamy and sweet but not too sweet flavor profiles meld perfectly into one exceptional vape.

Capn’s Tobacco Hut is the perfect blend of Tobacco, Hutella and Cap’n Cook eliquids. Your initial inhale will give you the roasted and deep flavor tones of Tobacco with a light hit of the creamy cinnamon flavor of Cap’n Cook, which ends in a rich exhale of a velvety mocha chocolate from the dark flavor profiles of Hutella. This vape session has a decadent finish, with ample throat hit and abundant vapor production.


Capn’s Tobacco Hut eLiquid Recipe:

40% Tobacco

30% Cap’n Cook

30% Hutella


How does it taste?

Check out this review by Joe from our Wahiawa Cafe:

“On the inhale you get hit with tones of tobacco, not too strong though, just perfectly balanced, with hints of cinnamon and cream. The exhale tastes smooth and chocolaty. To me it tastes like a caramel mocha, it’s sweet and has a really nice bold taste. Definitely a good morning vape to have with your coffee.”

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