eLiquid Mix Of The Week: Chocolate Haupia Pie

Mix of the Week: Chocolate Haupia Pie


Chocolate haupia pie is a local dessert favorite on the Hawaiian Islands. Haupia itself is a gelatinous, delicately sweet Hawaiian dessert that is made with coconut milk. It is a popular dessert that you will almost always see little cubes of at a traditional luau or an added extra to your Hawaiian mix-plate lunch choice. By itself haupia is already a pretty amazing dessert, but why not add some chocolate to that mix to turn it into a more delectable dessert? Or even better, why not have that rich chocolaty and coconutty goodness in the form of a zero-calorie vape; Check out the details on this week’s Mix of the Week, Chocolate Haupia Pie.


Yes, you can enjoy the fudgy, rich chocolate pudding filling, the buttery flaky crust and the creamy, rich coconut flavor of the haupia in the form of a vape treat, no luau needed!


Created by our brilliant eliquid mixologists, Chocolate Haupia Pie is a mixture of Choconilla Haze and CooCoo Coconut eliquids. With your first inhale you’ll taste the well-rounded flavors of milk chocolate and vanilla, with a slight hint of hazelnut tones. Your exhale is the luscious flavor notes of coconut, sweet, delicate and creamy. This vape treat is a decadent, sweet a luscious tropical dessert treat with a satisfying throat hit that ends with full vapor production.



Chocolate Haupia Pie eLiquid Recipe:


60% Choconilla Haze

40% CooCoo Coconut



How does it taste?


Check out this review by Sherrelle from our Kapahulu Cafe:


“It almost tastes like a chocolate vanilla wafer that has a hint of nutella. The coconut adds the perfect creaminess to it. This is definitely a great all-day-vape for people who love their dessert flavors!”


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