eLiquid Mix of the Week: Fire Ice Cream

eLiquid Mix of the Week: Fire Ice Cream

With the seasons slowly transitioning from summer to fall, we wanted to share an eliquid mix that had a combination of a spicy, warmth as well as a creamy, cool taste that would compliment the weather change wherever you are.

Fire Ice Cream was created with 3 different eliquid flavors and portioned just right to give you a satisfactory chilled bite of flavor. With the combination of cool, spicy and creamy flavors, this eliquid mix will wake up your senses giving them something to talk about.

Fire Ice Cream eLiquid Recipe:

50% Menthol Burst

35% Red Hot Lava

15% Vanilla Bean

How does it taste?

Check out this review by Jon from our Ewa Café:

“This mix definitely has a delightful bite to it. As you inhale you’ll experience a refreshing sensation combining both a cold yet spicy flavor from the Menthol Burst and Red Hot Lava. As you exhale you’ll get the chance to indulge in the sweet and creamy flavors of the Vanilla Bean. Overall this flavor is great but may have a little too much bite for some.”

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