eLiquid Mix Of The Week: Knock-Out Punch

Mix of the Week: Knock Out Punch!


Want a great way to start your day? Check out this week’s Mix of the Week, Knock Out Punch, an energizing and refreshing eliquid mixture that will knockout your taste buds with your first puff!

Wake up your taste buds with this superb eliquid combination of the two invigorating flavors of lemon-lime meshed seamlessly with blueberry and watermelon, a little hint of mint truly adds the ideal kick to this exhilarating vape experience. You’ll be hooked within your first vape.

Envisioned by our eliquid mixologists, Knock Out Punch, is a combination of Mauna Dew, BlueWater Punch and just a little bit of Menthol Burst, to taste of course. This vape journey begins with the effervescent flavors of lemon and lime on your first inhale, with the right amount of sugary sweetness, impeccably combined with the smooth and cooling minty sensation of the menthol. Your exhale is the fruitiness of blueberry and watermelon, rounding off this truly satisfying vape.


Knock Out Punch! eLiquid Recipe:


65% Mauna Dew

30% BlueWater Punch

5% Menthol Burst


How does it taste?


Check out this review by Danny from our Kapahulu Cafe:


“The Mauna Dew mixes effortlessly with the Menthol Burst, an energizing and refreshing way to start the day. The BlueWater Punch really rounds this mix out to a great all day vape. I found that adjusting the ratio of Menthol Burst can really help to zero in your own personal flavor preference. It’s hard to stop vaping this delicious mix once you start, truly a knockout!”


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