eLiquid Mix of the Week: P4

eLiquid Mix of the Week: P4

In Hawaii we’re so lucky to be exposed to all different types of fruits from all over the world on a daily basis. Every season brings us another delicious group of fruit to indulge in. With the broadened exposure to fruits from all over the world, we have fun creating tasty fruit filled eliquid mixtures that we can vape as we please.

This eliquid flavor was created with 4 of our popular fruit flavors that all happen to start with the letter P, hence the name P4. Grab your eliquid collection and have your BC TubeTank System in hand to mix up a batch of your own P4 with the recipe below.

P4 e-Liquid Recipe:

25% Pipeline Peach

25% Pele’s Papaya

25% Pineapple Punch

25% Pearadise

How does it taste?

Check out this review by Donovan from our Ewa Café:

“On the inhale of P4 you’ll get a warm rush of the pineapple and peach flavors hitting you with more of a sweet tangy taste. As you exhale you’ll enjoy the papaya and pear flavors with pear being a little more subtle. Overall, a great fruit mixture that blends very well together.”

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