eLiquid Mix Of The Week: Papaya Dream


Mix of the Week: Banana Lumpia

So have you graduated your palate to move beyond the traditional menthol and tobacco eliquid blends yet? Maybe you enjoy a good dessert flavor, creamy and rich, but what about a fruity flavor? Well we have a great fruit mixture for you to try this week that we are sure will convince you to give fruity flavors a go, if you haven’t yet.

So check out this week’s Mix of the Week, Papaya Dream a unique flavor combination so fresh it will leave you feeling like you just took a bite out of the real fruits.

Don't wait any longer to enjoy this fruity combination of papaya, honeydew and kiwi flavors. It is a perfect explosion of fruitiness that is well balanced with the right amount of sweetness and just a hint of tart.

Papaya Dream is an impeccable of Pele’s Papaya, Hana Honeydew and Kawika’s Kiwi eliquids. A mouthwatering mix of fruity deliciousness, this flavor begins with the juicy taste of papaya upon inhale, with a light honeydew exhale and just a hint of the tartness of kiwi. This is a phenomenal vape flavor that is irresistible, smooth and sweet.


Papaya Dream eLiquid Recipe:


40% Pele’s Papaya

30% Hana Honeydew

30% Kawika’s Kiwi


How does it taste?


Check out this review by Danson from our Wahiawa Cafe:

“It tastes almost like taking a bite out of a papaya and then eating a melon ice pop! It’s really fruity, a great combination of the three fruits—sweet and tangy. It would be a great all day vape for someone who enjoys sweet and fruity flavors.”


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